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100 Ways To Motivate Yourself And Change Your Life Forever

100 ways to motivate yourself and change your life forever

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Life has become a routine, your work, your free time, there is no action anymore. Day after day is going down the drain. You see the years go by and you are wondering, is this all there is? And you can not motivate yourself to change your life. The rut has struck. I am in the website development business, and I am trying to specialize myself as an affiliate marketer. I started this adventure in 2014 from scratch. Last week I found Cliplets, a Microsoft App. You can make still pictures with one moving subject. I will add some more cinegraphics here.

Here is my own first try-out with Cliplets and yes, that’s me 🙂 and yes, my webcam sucks, but it’s just for the idea to show you what is possible with Cliplets.

100 Ways To Motivate Yourself And Change Your Life Forever

100 ways to motivate yourself

and change your life forever

  1. Be grateful for what you have, perhaps a strange start, but very powerful.
  2. Think about what you want in life.
  3. Take a good look at what you have accomplished thus far.
  4. Make a list of what you didn’t do and still want to do.
  5. Compare yourself with other people who have what you want.
  6. What did other people do to create their dream?
  7. Which actions do you have to take to accomplish your success?Which actions do you have to take
  8. Take one step at the time, Rome wasn’t built in one day either.
  9. Start out with small tasks and goals, to make it easier to achieve and get going.
  10. Create simple and basic tasks, as you are not used taking any action yet.
  11. Start with short term goals, any little will motivate you sooner.
  12. Be sure you can accomplish those goals easily.
  13. Write down what you want to achieve the next day, the upcoming week.
  14. Do not think easy about small tasks, do not skip them.
  15. Make plans, how little the goal is, take the necessary steps.
  16. Schedule your plans, draw it on a whiteboard, blackboard or paper. schedule your plans
  17. Schedule a deadline for every single goal, small and big ones.
  18. Make your schedule every evening for the next day. What are your plans and when/how to do it?
  19. Keep the agreement you made to yourself, do not ever break your own promise to yourself.
  20. When you lose track, get yourself back on track again. Skip that day and count further.
  21. Try to accomplish one task a day. It’s important to see grow.
  22. Make a list of rewards for when you succeed. Little and big rewards!
  23. Update your rewarding regularly.
  24. Reward yourself for every little goal you achieve. That will motivate you.
  25. Pat yourself on the back for every achievement, and let others pat your back:)
  26. Make your tasks a little bigger every day, you have to get the hang of it.
  27. Don’t let unexpected events throw you off track, unexpected things can be tricky.
  28. Be aware unexpected things can happen. Be prepared and keep your head cool.
  29. Find a way to handle unexpected issues. Breath and count to 10. Then think it over carefully.
  30. Do not procrastinate, get out of your lazy chair.
  31. Everybody is creative, find your talent. Use all means, Youtube, magazines, nature.
  32. Forget the past and earlier faults, focus yourself on the now.
  33. Place reminders everywhere in your surroundings. You screen on your desktop, your phone, your kitchen cupboard.
  34. Make your working space attractive. Hang up new paintings, replace your worn out chair.
  35. Take time to exercise. Especially when you want to get rid of bad habits like smoking.
  36. Stay active, avoid laziness. Short said, come off your butt.
  37. Take regularly breaks to refill your energy.Take regularly breaks
  38. Give 100% to everything you do.
  39. Strategic thoughts can move you forward. Keep your head organized.
  40. Recognize situations which cause fallbacks into bad habits and try to avoid them.
  41. Replace bad habits for good habits.
  42. Improve your average habits into better ones.
  43. Stick to what works.
  44. Improve the things that work. Create new habits by doing it 21 days in a row.
  45. Try out new stuff. Don’t be afraid of the unknown.
  46. Develop a positive thinking. Throw every negative thought over your shoulder and replace it with a positive thought.
  47. Keep you eyes open for negative influences. Whether it is a situation or people who affect you negatively.
  48. Improve your skills and become better in what you do. Learn, follow courses.
  49. Announce your plans to your friends and family and ask for their support.
  50. Read and inspire yourself with books, magazines, and online courses.
  51. Meditate and reflect on getting to know yourself better.
  52. Recognize your good qualities. And concentrate developing those qualities.
  53. Find the truth about yourself inside yourself, dive into your inner you, your soul.
  54. Stay teachable and curious. Stubbornness is not a good habit.Stay teachable
  55. Look forward, do not stick in the past. What you accomplish in the now, will determine your future.
  56. Visualize your future, make actually a vision board.
  57. Foresee any obstacles. You will encounter obstacles.
  58. Think in advance what you can do to these obstacles. Like negative reactions and money issues.
  59. Make lists, plans, and schedule them.
  60. When you fail, do not judge, but start over again.
  61. Do not let anyone discourage you. It’s your dream, you do not live their dreams.
  62. Don’t take criticism personally. Criticism does say more about the person who spread it.
  63. Do something positive with critical data. Find a positive way to handle it.
  64. Put negative criticism beside you down and build further on the positive criticism.
  65. Always do your best, even if you can not be the best in everything.
  66. Find your way growing in your profession towards top functions.grow towards top functions
  67. Keep an open mind towards change. Life is equal to change.
  68. Embrace innovations. Innovative ideas are worth exploring.
  69. Be prepared to change. It’s the way to get out of the rut.
  70. Make time to have fun and pleasure, you only live ones.
  71. When you keep trying, you will never disappoint yourself.
  72. When something fails, get up and try again. Find your strength in watching a baby learning to walk.
  73. Check every situation from multiple angles. Don’t be rigid.
  74. If you do not master the knowledge, then learn, but do not give up.
  75. Remain calm in any situation. Stress will wear you out.
  76. Do everything at a leisurely pace. Every day has enough to cope with.
  77. Find a regularity to do everything calmly. You do not need a whip.
  78. Work on your willpower.
  79. Start every day with contemplation and reflection.
  80. Start your day early and energetic. Take always a healthy breakfast.
  81. Make sure you have prepared the day.
  82. Hold the whole day your goal in mind.
  83. Persistence helps you to accomplish things. You can do it!
  84. Always carry a notebook to write down ideas, or nowadays keep notes on your smartphone.
  85. See cautiously what no longer works for you. And delete those things out of your life.
  86. Let people, who are very negative, behind you. They will drag you down.
  87. Avoid contact with toxic people and situations. And yes, those people do exist!Delete toxic people
  88. Follow people who motivate and help you. Those people are your fuel!
  89. Do not start and finish your day following the news. It will bring you in a negative mood.
  90. Keep your ultimate goal in mind. And enjoy the ride towards your goal!
  91. Keep learning new things. Keep expanding your horizon.
  92. Visit nature for relaxation. Visiting nature really helps when you are feeling stressed out.
  93. Celebrate the simple things. A kite which actually goes into the air. The beautiful sunset. An unexpected payment. The laughter of your children.Enjoy the laughter of your children
  94. Keep your mind busy and happy. Keep your flow in a happy state.
  95. Take responsibility for all you do. Do not blame anybody for your own actions!
  96. Find new exciting things to do. It will boost your motivation.
  97. Be sure you make someone happy with everything you do.
  98. Ask for help when needed, people like to help. It makes them feel needed.
  99. Push yourself over barriers that scare you. Shyness is holding you back.
  100. Very important. Take action!

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8 thoughts on “100 Ways To Motivate Yourself And Change Your Life Forever

  1. Hi Loes,
    I like your looking forward idea. We should always look forward and not backwards as there is nothing we can do about the past. I think that is important if we want to improve further on ourselves. Another thing that I liked is remain calm at all situations. Having said that, I feel it is still not easy when we actually meet the situation itself. Therefore, we should always practice mindfulness.

    1. Hi Jacob, I meditate and reflect on a daily base and when you get older, everything seems to go much smoother. It’s easier to stay calm in any situation, thanks for your comment, Loes

  2. Hey Loes dear

    This is a fantastic post!! We all need all the motivation we can get!! :))

    I simply love #100, take action because my family has a slogan and that is the Nike’s slogan, Just Do It!!

    Your “100 ways to motivate yourself and change your life forever” post truly rocks!! :))

    God bless you!!
    Jewel Carol

  3. I like your page and think your photo works well! If it was too good it might become a security risk for you? It’s definitely a good positive article but tell me, of the 100 points made, what would be your top 3? I like point 93 – one of the most important things in anyone’s life and yet unfortunately often the easiest to disgard!

    1. Hi Ian, thanks, my top 3 would be No #1, No#20 and No 95, but No #93 is of great importance too, it has a tight connection with No #1. Have a great day, I am very thankful for your comment, Loes

  4. Hey Loes,
    Nice post! I have problems with confidence and I’m very shy and your post helped me alot with that. I am going to boost my confidence and make my life better. Also, when I try to talk to someone, I think of all the bad things they could say and it really affects me and its the reason for my low confidence. What could I do?

    1. Hi Moussa, I totally understand where you are at, right now, I have been the shyest person you can think of in my youth, getting older is one of the factors what has influence, but you can not control that. What helped me a lot is the thought that every single person is born naked, with the same tools I got, a mouth, a pair of hands and a creative mind, start looking around you and see what they have done with it. They are not more, and not less than we are, they just use their tools in some other way. I know they step out of their comfort zone easier. You could try to push boundaries one by one. And keep in mind, without all the others, you would be very alone on this earth, we need each other.


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