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All In One Online Business Community Profits Opportunity

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What is Wealthy Affiliate about?

Community of Wealthy AffiliateThis all in one business community can help you enormously with everything you need to know about online marketing. The community has over 1,000.000 members, not all equally active, but every member who’s online is very helpful. The members of The Wealthy Affiliate Community are coming from 196 different countries. You can say, Wealthy Affiliate never sleeps! And it is my no #1 online business platform.


5 modules within total 50 lessons are waiting for you at the other side to All_In_One_Online_Business_view_lesson_1create and develop a solid foundation for your online success. The training is fluently tuned, and when the basis is laid, you can build your online company on solid ground.

Live video classes

Every Friday there is a live video class with Jay Neill. You can apply for access and will get an invitation by email where to log in. Those classes are attended by many. The classes are available as replay after a few hours. It’s now 05 Oktober 2017, the upcoming event is Friday 6 Oktober 2017 at 2 am  (my local time in the Netherlands).

Live lessons of Jay Neale



There are 13 Classrooms; The first 2 classes are available to free members too.

  1. Getting Started; 2. WA Affiliate Program; 3. Keyword, Niche, and Market Research; 4. Everything WordPress; 5. Authoring & Writing Content; 6. Search Engine Optimization; 7. Social Engagement & Marketing; 8. Website Development & Programming; 9. Local Marketing; 10. Video Marketing; 11. Email Marketing; 12. The Wealthy Affiliate Platform; 13. Pay Per Click Marketing.


Directly after your signup, you get the opportunity to write a blog daily. It’s a Google indexed blog what will attract easily visitors to Wealthy Affiliate. People who signup through your blog, are automatically becoming your referrals. The blogs are interactive and you can place replies and get answers and comments beneath them.


Affiliate Program

Wealthy Affiliate has its own affiliate program, and you will earn from every premium referral which is invited by you. When you are a free member you can earn as well but you will earn less than when you are a premium member.

Live Chat

You can always ask any question in the live chat which is been frequently visit by a lot of members. In the live chat, you can count on a direct answer to almost all the problems you might encounter.

PM personal messages

This is a premium feature, but you can, as a premium member, contact all other premium members with a private messaging system.

Tutorials of members

When you know something where other members can benefit from, you have the opportunity to write tutorials and supply video training, which will be paid for after approval.

SEO Keyword Research Tool

Wealthy Affiliate has a very sophisticated keyword tool. And for every premium member, this tool is unlimited and free. A free member gets 30 free searches. The tool indicates:

  • The number of searches
  • The predicted amount of visitors
  • The competition for a certain keyword
  • The power of the keyword phrase
  • The PPC power

When you want to explore more chances for a certain keyword, you have the opportunity to DIG. Then the tool will present you more possibilities you can use.


Site manager

In the site manager, you can log into your website, create new websites (2 for free members – 50 for premium members). There are comment and feedback sections. The possibility to contact our website support team (24/7 available). The opportunity to buy your own domain name and using the ultimate Site Content feature.

Wealthy Affiliate Site Support Manager



Every member can make it to the ambassador state. There is an algorithm active to check your activity. The more active as a helper or creator, the higher you will climb in rank. I am the 11th ambassador today. Most ambassadors are active on a daily base and helping people where they can in the community. Wealthy Affiliate has 25 ambassadors and another 175 awesome active helpful members listed. But that doesn’t mean that the others sit still, most of them are working very hard to get themselves on that awesome member’s list or are working on their websites to become amazingly successful.



Wealthy Affiliate and all the members are proud to be an ad-free environment. Spam is a No-No at The Wealthy Affiliate University. We build our websites, get help, but all promotions are strictly forbidden. The dashboards are absolutely and totally advertisement FREE! Other security features are:

  • Free SSL green padlock security.
  • Daily website backups.
  • Centrally controlled anti website spam, no Akismet or reCaptcha required.
  • and more, much more

How to join Our All In One Online Business Community?

We are proud to present you fully instant access for a whole week! Just click the “CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT TODAY” button below and you are IN! No credit card data needed, it’s totally free to take a peek!

I will personally welcome and help you start your own website. During your free premium trial period, you can experience everything that Wealthy Affiliate is about. And you can try out freely our all-in-one online business marketing course.


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