An interview with Debbi Armstrong

An interview with Debbi Armstrong

Debbi’s about me page: I’ve always had a love of photography and still remember having one of those old Brownie cameras and using flash cubes.

For anyone who doesn’t know what flash cubes are:Flash cubes

Note from Loes: My children never understood why

they could not “preview” the photographs on

Grandpa’s camera which had a roll of film. The cube was

The flash cube was very sophisticated that days, instead of one single flashlight, this one turned around 4 times automatically. After that, you could throw it away.

I have sent a list of 25 questions to Debbi and asked her to pick out 10, these are her answers 🙂

Question 1 interview
62. Although my profile says I joined in 2011, I really didn’t jump in until after I retired in late 2013.


Question 2 interview
I’m working on several which isn’t necessarily a good thing because every moment you spend away from your site(s) is time/money lost. One of the things I’m working on is children’s books teaching geography and tolerance for others that are different than you. Of course, the pressure from my daughter regarding scrapbooks for my grandbabies (3 of hers) is always ongoing.

Note: Click here to visit Debbi’s Scrapbook website

Scapbooking for anyone


Question 4 interview
Stop child abuseAfter the normal bills that everyone else has, I’d say, I spend on others
(both humans and animals). I have a weakness for abused children and animals. So many needs out there, you just have to do the best you can. I try to think – if I can make a difference to just ONE child/animal……. I’m also dangerous near craft or bookstores, though.


Question 9 interview
My (ex) mother in law is 88 and still at her computer. She’s my role model. In 25 years, I’ll be 89 and I want to still be at my computer, hiking, kayaking and reading. I can’t imagine sitting and just watching the clouds for any length of time. Besides, it drives people nuts when I watch the clouds too long. I’m always “seeing” formations that no one else seems to see. I prefer to think it’s creativity vs insanity. LOL

Cloud formation


Question 13 interview
Yes, back in Jan 2014. I was SO excited. It was with WA. I knew how to spell blog but had never done one until it was a “task” in one of the beginning lessons. Preparing presentations for Generals seemed like nothing compared to a blog. YIKES! It was going to live on in cyberspace forever and I couldn’t wait to tell my kids what I did. Whenever I told anyone that knew me and what I did for a living, they thought a blog should comparatively be nothing and laughed at me 🙂 Hey, Generals forget what your briefing was about, blogs live forever.


Question 15 interview
The hardest part for me is reining in all my thoughts. At any given moment, I have a million thoughts and ideas going through my head. To get all of them together and written down in a logical, cohesive, understandable way is another thing. I have notes everywhere – on my desk, by my bed, in my car, in my purse…… It’s the focusing in on one thought at a time and getting it written down that’s difficult.


Question 16 interview
I’d tell them to just BE REAL. Use your own voice. Everyone is unique and that is a good thing. Sometimes people can hear a lesson from 5 different sources and only 1 will make it through their internal filters. You can be that ONE.

Another thing is that I often see people come on board at WA and immediately want to know why they haven’t made money yet. You must give the process time. It doesn’t happen overnight. I know everyone wants instant gratification these days, but all things of value take time.


Question 19 interview
I like it quiet so I can hear my thoughts. As a child, there wasn’t a lot of ruckus with siblings or many distractions. The only time there was a lot of noise is when I was misbehaving. Well, now that I think about it, that was pretty often. 🙂 I still like it quiet.


Question 21 interview
Not being serious about college when I was very young. I did go to college right out of high school but it wasn’t to study. Can you spell freedom??? LOL. I told you I was a “challenging” child. Only when I became a single mother of 3 did I realize that I needed a degree. It was the only way to make a better life for myself and my kids. I was already working a full time and part time job. I had to sign up for 2 classes in order to get a grant (which I needed). That meant that one – my oldest son had to grow up faster than he should have because I needed his help and two- I wasn’t able to devote enough time (in my eyes) to my kids. I didn’t sleep much but we all survived and we’re all close.


Question 22 interview
I get angry when I see my hard earned tax dollars going to people that are fully capable of working for a living but CHOOSE not to. Some people are truly disabled and I have NO problem helping people when they are down and need a hand up. We’ve all been there but don’t come to the store with your Gucci bag buying steak and pay with MY tax dollars while I’m carrying a Wal-Mart handbag and buying hamburger because it’s all I can afford. Yep, touched a nerve there. Of course, Gucci isn’t my style anyway……. 🙂

An interview with Debbi Armstrong

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