An Interview with Deidre Salcido

 An interview with Deidre
 I have asked Deidre to sort out 10 of the 25 questions for the interview, here are her answer was: “Yes….more than your required 10…”
Thank you very much, Deidre! You are the best!
Question 1 interviewWell, I created my first website at the age of 46.
Question 2 interview
I have 3 websites now and I try to make time to build up all my websites.
Question 4 interview
I spend most of my money on others. Since my early twenties, I have always paid for dinner gatherings when the family gets together. I never let anyone pay for anything. I am most generous during the holidays, spending a couple thousand on friends, employees, and family.
Question 5 interview
I spend most of my downtime helping others achieve their online goals.
Question 7 interview
I would love to have dinner with Howard Stern, Jimmy Fallon, and Conan O’Brien. That’s a conversation certain to go down in the history book!
Note: You’ve picked out some trio to go to dinner with! Hilarious! You can’t keep your pants dry :)))
Question 8 interview
I am not a bathroom singer.
Question 10 interview
Some of my characteristics are I’ve never been late or called in sick so I find value in other people’s time. I do what I say I’m going to do. I am a “by the book” kind of girl. I will not deviate or take shortcuts. I lead by example and people can count on me to get the jobs done.
Question 13 interview
My first Blog was posted here. I described how I started with WA…mentioning some of my thoughts, hopes, and dreams for the future.

Question 14 interview
I am not one to wear dresses. I like being really casual. I don’t own jeans or shorts. A normal DD outfit is nice, to dress slacks, comfy shoes, and a casual shirt.
Question 15 interview
The most difficult part of the writing process is know how to start because there are many thoughts going through my mind and I seem to be all over the place. So, organizing thoughts before actually writing would be a plus.
Question 16 interview
My advice to Bloggers would be to make your articles interesting. Figure out why we want to read your Blogs…how can you help me?
Question 17 interview
My advice to kids today is to follow your dreams because life goes quickly. Stay in school and find help along the way.
Question 19 interview
My work environment is one that’s always changing. I find myself at home with noisy conditions and multiple tasks.
Question 23 interview
I don’t like partners that don’t pull their share of the work. If they come in late and skate by with doing little, that irritates me.
Question 24 interview
I don’t need a lot of motivation. Most things make me happy. I could go along with the flow. I could stand back and observe too. Knowing I can adapt to any situation, satisfies me


An Interview with Deidre Salcido

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