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Best Web Hosting For Small Business

Best web hosting for small business

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Wealthy Affiliate is an online training platform, where you can build and host your website. The step-by-step video training is leading you through all processes and you do not need any previous knowledge of building websites. We help you to create your online business. We are a lively community. Wealthy Affiliate works solely with WordPress websites which are hosted on the Siterubix platform.

Wealthy Affiliate and WordPress

The perfect match, a supportive team, a secured platform
The perfect match

The hosting platform of Wealthy Affiliate is Siterubix. At the platform, there are thousands of WordPress websites pre-installed. You can always find the perfect match for your niche. You can build your website, directly on the Siterubix platform. No downloads. Directly online to follow easy step-by-step video tutorials. No previous education required. We have even teenagers creating their own website!

A supportive team

Besides the professional support team, which is 24/7 available, there is a worldwide community support waiting for you. To help you, motivate you and sometimes they will give you that little push when needed.

A secured platform

On the safe environment of the Siterubix platform, you will login on your website. There is a secured password provided. This password can be reset any time.


Your website will be hosted on the Siterubix platform.

And do you know what’s so nice here? The stats are always up to date, you can always refresh the page to see the newest data. One of the benefits of being a premium member at the Wealthy Affiliate University is that your website always will be backed up. As a (small business) website owner, you really have better things to do. We will take this worry out of your head :).

The forum is also a completely spam free environment. So, no nasty irritating popups while you are working and talking with other members. And no flickering ads in the sidebars. The backstage from where you write your website is totally pop up and spam free. Also, in the comments under your Wealthy affiliate blog is spam not allowed.

It feels like a breath of fresh air.

Sometimes you get so annoyed from all those ads. And it feels so comfy to work in a spam-free environment. What Wealthy Affiliate feels to me, can also be your part. It feels like I have come home, after a long trip searching the internet for something valuable. And that’s exactly why I have started this website, to be able to shout it from the roofs, and tell you, and others about this unique place on the internet. You just have to experience this for yourself!

Free ride at the Wealthy Affiliate University.

What can we do for you? We give you a free ride to experience for yourself, what Wealthy Affiliate can mean and do for you! A 7-day  complete premium access for the price of

Premium access 0 dollar

What else can I tell you to convince you that joining us will be the best decision ever? I will be there, on the other side of the sign-up. To help you and support you building your first website. And with me, there are thousands of community helpers, from all over the world waiting to become friends and willing to support you in your endeavor.
It’s now up to you, to hit that button to start your free Siterubix.

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