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Business Ethics Social Responsibility

Business Ethics Social Responsibility

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business ethics social responsibility

 Affiliate marketing and responsibilitybusiness ethics social responsibility

Have you ever asked these questions to yourself? I believe you will grow from answering these questions. And that you will become a more conscious person. A person with more insight for what is happening right now in the world.


Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

Your Way Of Doing Business Today.
10 Awesome questions to ask someone or yourself about the responsibility in marketing.
1. Is there anything you are running away from?

Is there something in life you would like to do or have to do but for some reason it doesn’t happen? Are you afraid to take the necessary steps? What is holding you back? Or…
Do you close your eyes for your responsibility for the secondary effects of your marketing?

How would it feel when you start organizing the event? Or take good care of business ethics?

2. Do you think about what you can add to someone’s life before you enter it?

You are going to meet new people, almost daily. In the bus or train. The airplane. In shops and at your work. With sales on the Internet. That is exciting. Is there anything you can give?

Example: Give a smile, a nod, keep a door open, let another go first (think about that also when driving your car), be friendly to service staff, write an honest review, a free e-book etc.

Could you possibly make the world look sunnier?

3. To what extent are you feeling responsibility for the situation in the environment?

We are all part of the system, rich and poor, foreigner and neighbor. Men and women. Buyers and sellers. Where does your responsibility stop and where does the responsibility from somebody else begin? What responsibility do you have regarding  packaging and shipment? Are you feeling your responsibility regarding fair-trade and marketing?

Example: Conditions in the clothing industry in India and other countries. The sea full of disposals and plastic bags. Environmental impact by batteries.

Do you look behind the scene? Where does the product comes from? Who is the producer? What are you promoting? What are you buying? Do you use paper or organic soluble packaging?

4. For whom do you make a difference in life?

We are all connected and every life we touch gets ripples from our doings and thoughts. Do you see the connection and the effect you will have on someone’s life? It is obvious you make a difference in the lives of close relatives and friends. But in which way you are an addition via online and business connections?

Example: What will your business partners and your customers say about you? Are you only in business for the money, or do you love your work? Are you a difference to the production workers behind your product?

Are you working with love and attention? Are you respectful and responsible about where your product is produced? And are your helping your customers with fair trade solutions?

5. What are you doing to reach your goals?

To reach your goals, you need a plan, a schedule, and a budget. If you are planning to do an education, you need to calculate the price, not only the first year but for all the years the education will last. You need to schedule the modules and the perseverance to finish the course. You need to step outside the box and have to dive into the matter.

Example: You want to make money and you want it fast. Do you try to get as much as possible no matter what?

Keep your goal in vision, but make the effort to do your preparations in fairness.

Business Ethics Social Responsibility6. What are you telling yourself repeatedly?

Conscious and unconscious we are all giving ourselves covered messages.

Example: I am not succeeding. I am a loser. I can’t help it. I am not responsible. I am always…I am never….

Stop doing that now! Take your responsibility in this matter too. Change it into: I am successful. I am a winner! 

7. Do you gossip about other people?

Integrity is essential when you are doing business, offline and online. You are not aware of all connections there are under your customer.

Example: You say something bad about a brother, a nephew, a neighbor, a friend of someone.

If you speak ill of others it will come back to you as a boomerang.

8. Do you express your gratitude to everyone who does something for you or means something to you?

Gratitude for all what comes on your path is extremely important for your success.

Gratitude, gratefulness, thankfulness is a very important tool.

9. Do you blame someone for something?

It is very unhealthy to keep yourself as a mentally hostage in the past, and that is exactly what you do when you blame someone for something. Blaming someone for your unwanted results will stop you from growing.

Let it go, pick up the pieces and go on!

10.If you could say one sentence to everyone in the world, what would you say?

Do you have a motivational quote you would share with the world? I invite you to leave your motivational quote in a comment beneath.

What you send out, you get back, so give everyting to everyone.

© Loes Knetsch

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