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Can Anyone Become An Entrepreneur Online?

Can Anyone Become An Entrepreneur Online

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A question which raises more questions. Can anyone become an entrepreneur online? How much money do I have to invest to become an online entrepreneur? Which skills do I need? Where is the best way to start? Do I need a website? Do I need to have my own products?

All very sensible questions!

To answer the first question: Yes, anyone can become an online entrepreneur. And it’s obvious, you need a computer (laptop/tablet) and an internet connection for that.

What else do you need to become an online entrepreneur?Become an entrepreneur

  • You do need a website
  • You need some knowledge about how to build a website
  • You need to know how to advertise your website
  • You do need a couple of Social Media Accounts

Do you need a pile of money to start?

No, unlike a lot of websites claim, you don’t need to invest hundreds or even thousands of dollars to make a start. But it’s quite clear to me that when you don’t know anything about how things work online, you do need to invest in an education. Just messing around a bit will not make you a successful online entrepreneur.

Where to start?

There are lots of places where you can open a website for free. Those sites provide you sub domain names. For instance: Wix, Weebly, Wealthy Affiliate and Joomla.

They all have a training program and a site support. Some have a forum where you can ask questions when you run into problems. Just one of these has actually a community with a community live chat to help and back you up in times of need. And that’s the Wealthy Affiliate community.

The sun rises for nothing

What ever choice you make, the sun rises for nothing. All these programs have an upgrade. When you want to have a serious chance to a successful online business, one day, you do want to upgrade. You want more possibilities for your website than the default options. And in that upgrade, are lying the differences. I am reviewing here the most advanced options of all four.

These four are all good options to begin your online entrepreneurship:

All these website providers work with easy to customize website templates, you don’t need to code anything.

  • Wix
    The most advanced option will cost 24,50 a/month (with training videos and support)

    • Exclude:
      SSL (about $80,00 a/year,
      Own domain name (about $5-$20 a/year).
      Web email account
      Opportunity to make your website ad-free (Named like that, it probably will cost extra)
  • Wix has its own affiliate program, so you can earn from advertising Wix to others.


  • Weebly
    The most advanced option cost €23 = about $27/ annual payment. They have a lively community forum, when I visited the site there were 663 people online. However, the forum is static and not interactive. Weebly includes one domain name and SSL service. They do provide a live chat function and video training. A pro: They have their own app center, I don’t know if the apps are free to use though.

    • Exclude:
      Domain email isn’t on the list, so I assume this is not included.
  • Weebly has its own affiliate program, so you can earn from advertising Weebly to others.


  • Joomla
    The pricing of Joomla is not very clear to me, They do not offer a package, but you can add about everything you wish or need to your account. So you can make it as expensive as you like.

    • Exclude:
      You can hire web master service (€50/h), support service (€12,50/month. All kind of additions for hourly and monthly pricing. This can become a quite expensive choice. They do not have an online community and live chat was offline when I checked. So there is no 24/7 live support.
  • They do offer their own affiliate program, so you can earn from promoting Joomla to others


  • Wealthy Affiliate
    I have chosen for this option, to my full satisfaction, 3 years ago. They are very transparent with their pricing. They have 2 accounts, free ($0.00) and premium $49.00 a/month or $359.00 a/year.

    • They offer everything included.
      Hosting, SSL, 24/7 Support, Community services, live chat, live training and video training, and more. The only extra cost at Wealthy Affiliate are: You pay for owned domain names, however, the hosting costs are included. They offer 25 free sub-domain names you can use and host within the annual price, and next to that you can host 25 domain names of your own for free, and that’s quite unique because most website providers only allow 1-5 max.
  • They have an affiliate program of their own, so you can earn from promoting Wealthy Affiliate to others.


Unlike the first three options, you can have a 7-day totally free premium trial period at Wealthy Affiliate. You may look inside the community, try-out your first website. Take a peek at what they offer. It’s a take it of leave again offer. No strings attached, no dime to pay. Nothing to lose!

Can Anyone Become An Entrepreneur Online


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