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Change Your Life By Changing Your Habits

Change your life by changing your habits

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calendar 2016It takes 30 days to change any habit, did you know that? To replace any habit into a better one. And it doesn’t matter what habit it is.

This post is not about to point out good or bad habits. It is about how you can change unwanted things. How you can use your own thoughts to change your life. Replace the habit with something else during 30 days, and you will be “cured” of it. The same way you can add a new habit.


It also takes 30 days to add a new habit into your life. Do something for 30 days in a row, and the habit will stain.

Are there any habits you want to replace? Or are there any additions you want into your life?

If you want something in your life you’ve never had, you’ll have to do something you’ve never done.
J.D. Houston

It is not up to me to tell you which habits are bad or which habits you have to add or replace. I just explain to you the HOW TO DO THAT.

1. Write down your goals.

Don’t overdo it, start small. Example: You want to come from bed early. That means you have to go to bed earlier, skip your favorite late night program. And you want to replace your coffee for tea, start jogging and change your breakfast habits. That’s too many things at once. You will not succeed.

What to do? The first 30 days, you go to bed early and stand up early. And start with your usual cup of coffee. The next 30 days you go to bed early and stand up early and you replace the coffee for tea. I think you get the meaning 🙂

2. Make a To-Do list. Change your life by changing your habits

May: Early to bed, early stand up.

June: + Replace coffee for tea.

July: + Replace bacon and eggs for cereal & yogurt.

August: + Start walking every day.

September: + Start jogging every day.

3. Schedule on your calendar. 

Your start date, and every single follow-up too

4. Don’t postpone.

The idea is there, schedule your start day within 4 weeks from now.
Don’t postpone till after your birthday, or until New Years day, or whatever excuse you have not to start.

5. Keep a journal.

Write down your accomplishments! Your troubles and doubts.

6. Give yourself a treat.

When you’ve succeeded the first month, treat yourself! A book, new makeup, a visit to the hairdresser. Any treat will do fine!

7. Build in reminders.

That can be stick-up notes, a timer on the TV or an alarm what goes off.

Pot of dreams8. Put a Pot of dreams on the table.

Every time you slip-up, you have to put a dollar into the jar,
and at the end of each month, you donate the content to a charity of your choice.

9. Make connections with old habits

Example: Every night at 20.00 hour you close the curtains, and your new habit is: do 20 push-ups daily.

Close the curtains + do the push-ups.

10. Carry a reminder.

Can be anything, from a necklace to a gemstone or just a pebble.

A knot in your handkerchief to a bracelet around your wrist.

Change Your Life

By Changing Your Habits

You can change anything you want when you follow these instructions. You can go from not reading to reading every day. You can go from not writing to writing a blog a day. From watching television every night to watch only at certain times. Take small steps!

You really will experience the feeling of success,

keep a hold of that feeling,

and the universe will bring you more!

Change your life by changing your habits

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