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Characteristics of an Entrepreneur

Characteristics of an Entrepreneur

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Anyone can start a business, but what skills do you need to be a good entrepreneur? What kind of entrepreneur are you? Check whether you have the necessary competencies to make your startup successfully.
10 Characteristics of an entrepreneur;  needed to make a successful start.

Quotes from famous entrepreneurs

“See opportunities in your own misfortunes” ~ Steve Jobs ~

Quote Thomas Edison

“No one reaches success alone” ~ Malcolm Gladwell ~

All wisdom of successful entrepreneurs about entrepreneurship. These sayings can be translated into the qualities you need. Courage, imagination, enthusiasm and perseverance: Do you have those qualities in you?


1. Courage to take informed risks

An entrepreneur must dare to take risks. If you launch your idea, you always run the risk of negative feedback. That is exciting and challenging, but it can also end badly. Take risks not to take the risk, but do it consciously: calculate in advance what the consequences are if a prospect does not respond to your idea or price, so you need to rethink your plan. If you do that well, then your taken risks will pay off and it helps your business further.

2. Perseverance and determination

To be an entrepreneur, you must have a good dose of perseverance. You should be able to motivate and activate yourself and have a clear goal of what you want to achieve. You need absolute determination.

3. Be Creative

You need creativity to develop your idea in a way that it leads to a great company. Use your skills and creativity to help others. Do you think ‘Out of the box’?  Then your creativity probably will be fine. You’ll need it also to be able to convince others of YOUR plan.

Thinking out of the box

4. Clearness & stability

Maintain a healthy balance between business and personal projects. Let your vision about your future business be clear to you and your family and friends. It can be hard to convince them you are working from home, without them seeing the directs results. You have to take yourself AND your business seriously. It is important that you make it clear what you want and why and thereby create confidence.

5. Be Inspiring

Are you able to inspire others with your ideas? You will also need to be empathically. And most important, you do need the skill to transform your idea into the needs of your customer.

6. Result-oriented work

Keep in mind what kind of results you want to achieve and act accordingly. Make quick decisions, always keep the big picture in mind and draw the conclusion from there. If your have staff employed, you also need this competency: you must be able to provide results-oriented leadership. Be clear to direct your staff about what you expect from them. What responsibilities lie with them? If they have it clearly, they can fill in the details themselves. And reward your staff properly, what will result into a motivated and inspired staff who will take that extra step for your business.

7. Keep your finances clear and organized

Think carefully about budget and profit and the resources available, such as money, time, knowledge and education. Do not take ill-informed decisions about money, do not waste money and know the causes of profit and loss.
Give your customer what he asks for, deliver quality products. Maintain a healthy balance between commercial and internal projects.

8. Education

Invest in knowledge, innovation and education. Stagnation means deterioration.
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9. Recognize your own worth

Don’t ever sell yourself cheap. Respect your self-esteem highly. You are worth hiring!

Make it with love, or do not make it at all


10. Make it with love, or do not make it at all

Successful entrepreneurs develop products that reflect their passion. Make a well-prepared start and you increase your chances of success.

Characteristics of an Entrepreneur

Both psychological, financial, vision and goals must be clear and in balance.

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