Create a Website without HTML knowledge

Create a website without HTML Knowledge

WordPress logoLoes Knetsch © There are spoiled for choices in the field of web design software. What web design software you can use the best, depends largely on your own preferences. Including your choice, if want to learn HTML or not.

Different people, different choices

You have different choices to make a website, from writing the HTLM code all by yourself to a little knowledge of HTML and FTP to NO knowledge at all. When you don’t know a thing about HTML and don’t want to learn this either, the best choice for you is starting with WordPress or Joomla. Wordpress and Joomla are not program software you have to download.  It is online web design software. The advantage of these programs is that you can work on your website from any computer and mobile device. My preference goes out to WordPress.

Create a website without HTML knowledge

Why Choose WordPress Themes?

When you choose to create a website with WordPress, you do not need any HTML knowledge at all. You don’t need to know how FTP programs work. Everything is automated and online available. When you want to start your own website and a blog online, WordPress is the perfect choice for you.

WordPress designer software

When you decide to start up a WordPress website, the only things you need are an internet connection and a computer. (laptop, tablet) You can add pages, blog articles and images quick and without any hustle. You can even work on your website in your local public internet cafe or library.

When your website is online…

…you want to be found. You want people to visit your website. And read your blog. And in the nicest scenario, you even want to earn some money with your website. How do you handle that? We just discussed the easy part. Start up a website and add images and pages. But then?

Here do we come in!

We, Wealthy Affiliate, are an online education platform. We work with WordPress themes. Our lessons are up to date and to the point. Just what you need. To learn a bit about monetizing a website. We have a very active, warm and helpful worldwide online community. A community as you encounter nowhere else, unique!

Wealthy Affiliate: All in One Place

Education, hosting, WordPress themes, domain registration, helpful community forum, technical support, website backup, security and more….
Short said: This is IT!

Invitation to come in

I invite you cordially to take a look in our classrooms, on our forum and to try out a few free lessons. You can even create your first website and experience what WordPress websites are like. Let’s do this together.

start your free trial today

I will be your mentor 🙂 As a member of this community, I also represent Wealthy Affiliate as an Ambassador.

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