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50 Tips To Create Your Own Video For YouTube

What can I create for youtube

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YouTube and other visual Social Media have the future. So, when you want to compete within your niche, it’s advisable to start creating nice looking visual material. Therefore, I have created a list for you with creative ideas to make your own video for YouTube.

50 Tips To Create Your Own Video For YouTube50 Tips To Create Your Own Video For YouTube

What can you create on Youtube?

  1. Create a list video (like this one)
  2. Give a sightseeing through your company
  3. Give answers to FAQ in your niche
  4. Make a slideshow with text and beautiful pictures
  5. Give a product demonstration
  6. Show how a product is manufactured
  7. Make a commercial for your Youtube channel, a channel trailer.
  8. Interview an authority in your niche
  9. Make a video about “New in the branch..”
  10. Make a before and after video, e.g. the hairdresser
  11. Interview yourself
  12. Give a sightseeing through your village
  13. Film a building under construction and present it very fast
  14. Create a parody on an existing video
  15. Display an opinion about something or just do a rant
  16. Make a demo of your website
  17. Make a thank you video for your website
  18. Make a comparison between 2 products
  19. Create a training video
  20. Make a reply to another video
  21. Tell a story
  22. Are you in healthy food? Make a 7-day video of your lunch
  23. Create a dance video
  24. Make a baby – toddler video
  25. Pranks and bloopers always work great
  26. Ask your customers to say a few words about your product
  27. Make a movie about your collection
  28. Bought something new? Put the camera on when you are unboxing it
  29. Make a video of a powerpoint presentation
  30. Make a “behind the scene” at….
  31. Film an activity
  32. Make a DIY video
  33. Make a tips and tricks video
  34. Make an info video about a subject
  35. Create a YouTube about life-hacks
  36. Make reviews of a book, game or movie
  37. Make a movie of a computer game
  38. Create a travel vlog
  39. Create a bucket list video
  40. Make a movie of a sports-game
  41. Comment an event
  42. Make a vlog about your life
  43. Film a life event, proposal to marriage,
  44. Film “first-time” events baby-boy/girl
  45. Make a cat video, very grateful subject
  46. Do a remake on an old video
  47. Make a movie of a dog training
  48. Give guitar or piano lessons
  49. Cook something and film it
  50. Advertise your business

Success making your own original YouTube!

Download here the list in PDF

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