2 thoughts on “Ex Member of Empowr Review

  1. Wow … I read this because I recently had to blacklist their server. I don´t know if the people who sign up there are aware that their contact lists are being misused by empowr. They are spammers.

    One characteristic of a good opportunity: You don´t need an hour to even understand the payment structure.

    Thank you for this well researched article. Hopefully, you can save many people the time to work for a loss.

    1. Hi Aurorasa, I have investigated the Empowr Platform for over a month but I never gave them access to my email addresses, because I was invited by a friend who never contacted me by himself. I got the invitation and emailed my friend if he could tell me what it was all about. He told me not to join and that he didn’t invite me himself. That’s why I wanted to research this platform and never gave access. Thank you for your comment. Kind regards, Loes

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