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Free Business Advice Online, To Whom Do You Listen?

Free business online advice to whom do you listen

Loes Knetsch © Since 2014 member/student of the Wealthy Affiliate University ~ The best online marketing education and advisory.


When you have a toothache, you are not going to the local carpentry store to get advice, you will go to the dentist to solve your problem. And it would be stupid to go to a doctor to complain about your leaking drain, you would go to a plumber. So to whom do you listen to for free business advice online? Would you listen to your aunt, who never touched a computer before? Or would you search for someone who has a booming online business already?

Free Business Advice Online

Free Business Advice Online

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The most sensible action to take is to let you inform about the possibilities by a professional for a free business online advice. But who can you trust? There are numerous online “advisors” who all tell you that their business is THE BEST. Follow their example and you will be filthy rich in no time. For what you know, you can not check the person behind the website.


We know, that it is almost impossible to check out the trustworthy of online companies. That’s why we offer you to get to know us before you have to decide anything. For that purpose, we give you access to everything for 7 days. Isn’t that cool 🙂 You get the opportunity to chat with all members!

What we do

We are a thriving community of affiliate marketers. We create our own websites. And beside the standard lessons, which are provided to premium members, we write our own tutorials too and share them in our community. By the way, you get access to the first 10 Getting Started lessons for free, just to check out what it’s all about.


We offer 2 memberships

The free membership, that’s totally free, you get 2 websites, free hosting, and website support, access to some training, but no community support. Shortly said, you are on your own.

The premium membership = all included, 50 websites, hosting, chat, all training, community support, NO upsells. Fixed monthly or fixed annual fee.

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Who am I?

To give you a bit of insight in me personally you can check out my about me page or visit my profile page at the Wealthy Affiliate University.

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2 thoughts on “Free Business Advice Online, To Whom Do You Listen?

  1. Hi Loes

    You have an awesome website, I love it. 🙂

    It is great you are providing free business advice online, this is one thing that most people needs if they want to start an online business from scratch. In fact, starting an online business needs courage and now with all the free information they can grasp online, it will helps them tremendously.

    And it is just fabulous you are providing a fantastic platform for anyone interested to build a successful website since they can get free information from you!

    And if we have to wait for everything to be perfect before we start our business online, we will definitely not be starting one at all, as we will be waiting forever! 🙂

    So, I must say, thanks so much for providing this useful site with many free tools and resources; and even building a website free? Did I read correctly?

    Once again, appreciate yr great post on “Free Business Advice Online, To Whom Do You Listen?

    Jewel Carol

    1. Thank you Jewel, to answer your question, yes, you can build 2 free websites at the Wealthy Affiliate University, ánd you have free hosting for these 2 websites too lifelong, ánd to make a flashing start, you even get 7 days full support, training and community access to ask any question, all for free. So I would say, give it a week from your life and see for yourself if this is the opportunity where you are looking for. It’s a gift from us, ánd a gift for yourself! Will I catch up with you later? Greetz Loes

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