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Get Paid Work Online

Get paid work online

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I have been everywhere online, doing surveys, clicking ads, ordering PDF’s on how to get rich online. But it brought me nothing. Have you been there too? Then this blog is for you! Read here what is wrong about this, in my opinion.

Get Paid Work OnlineThe Boss pyramid

You probably have experienced it yet, how the Boss pyramid works. You are working for a bit, the manager is working for some more. And the Boss is earning big money. You will never get rich while working for a boss. The big winner is the boss!


The advertising company pyramidClicking ads - pyramid

You thought you had found the opportunity online to earn big money. Clicking ads! When you click a lot of them, you can get rich. When you find referrals you’ll be getting richer. You even can buy referrals. Wow, that’s it! But then you see your purchased referrals stop clicking ads. Your investment is gone. You can upgrade for $15, so your earnings will increase. I can tell you, they won’t! The big winner is the Ad company!

Ad company - pyramidThe advertising company 2 pyramid

The ad company is the big winner too when it comes to surveys. Taking surveys online, you just give enormous info to the companies strategy. They get the knowledge how they can best advertise their products. And they are very prepared to pay people a buck for this info. The ad company is the big winner again.

Knowledge sellers (PDF’s, books)PDF_pyramid

The “I have the knowledge” people, the “I know something you don’t, but you want to know”, people online. You’ve met them. I did for sure. I bought books. PDF’s. Downloaded resumés to find out the price for this knowledge was rather high. They say: “I know the answer for you!” Then you get eventually the rich making piece in your hands. Paid a big amount for it. The answer is, do not freak out: “Do the same as me, sell this PDF!”

Get Paid Work Online

Get Paid Work OnlineHow to get paid for work you do online?

That’s the main question from a lot of people. My first advice is: “Stop doing chores for others. Working for others will never get you rich. Get yourself educated in how to make money online. You will not become a terrific carpenter overnight. So, you need to invest time to become a terrific internet marketer as well. As you can see, it’s not a pyramid. You invest in yourself. Time and some money to gain knowledge.


Our online course.

Our course at the Wealthy Affiliate University will give you a solid foundation to create a successful online business of your own. No boss, bossing you around anymore. I am not promising you quick money.

What I do promise

A free premium trial period of 7 days. A solid education. A helpful community. Free websites and hosting.

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2 thoughts on “Get Paid Work Online

  1. This is a great article. I have learnt some new things from your pyramid. That is totally legitimate and possible for everyone. Creating a passive income stream needs dedication and ideas. You have given me some great ideas! I am now planning to create my ebooks and create a website!
    What is your suggestion for me?

    1. Hello Cyril, I would suggest attaching your first ebook as a gift to email subscribers, and when people like your ebook, you can offer the following of the series as paid for. Does this make sense to you?

      Kind regards, Loes

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