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Google Webmaster Tools For WordPress

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Our free websites are WordPress websites and you can choose from various themes when you start a free As a premium member, you get the opportunity to choose from thousand+ WordPress themes.

Google Webmaster Tools

It is very important to set up an account for your business at Google Webmaster Tools.

Google Webmaster Tools is integrated into our course.Google Webmaster Tools
We will walk you through the setting up and verification,
via out step-by-step video tutorial. Inclusive and introduction
about the Google Webmaster Tools dashboard.

There are quite a few tutorials available on Wealthy Affiliate,
created by members, to help you fully understand the tools
of Google.

As we use the plugin SEO All in one (ready to activate) on
our websites, the verification will be very easy to do.

Google Webmaster Tools is a free tool which provides you data about eg. errors, ranking and traffic. And to make, via your website, your online business a thriving  one, it’s of great importance to keep track of statistic data.

What can Google Webmaster Tools do for your website

“Let Google help you”

is a great video tutorial from our leading trainer, Jay Neill, at the Wealthy Affiliate University.

Google Webmaster Tools training

Jay will walk you through all insights you need to know about Google Webmaster Tools and SEO on this training video. And he will tell you all about where Google Webmaster Tools comes in according to ranking and traffic.

The training at the Wealthy Affiliate University

Our training is refined and adjusted to increase your chances on the internet market. The step-by-step video tutorials are easy to follow and specialized for search engine optimization, to make your business a thriving online success.

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4 thoughts on “Google Webmaster Tools For WordPress

  1. As a user of Google Webmaster tools, it’s definitely an awesome resource for insights into my keywords and also the number of clicks my website is receiving. 🙂

    Without such a tool, I think I’d be lost as an online business owner focusing on SEO apsects.

    I really did love that video by that Jay guy because I’ve just learned about a few other cool features that Google Webmaster offers.

    Cheers, Loes!

  2. This tool really helps you get the most of your website. According to Google, this tool optimizes the visibility of our website’s indexing status. Also, this is now rebranded as Google Search Console. I use this to help the rankings of my website on search engines. It is particularly easy to use and makes your site more visible to internet researchers. It can check your site’s traffic analysis for you to get the data for your site’s improvement.

    1. Hello Paul, quite right, Google Webmaster Tools is essential for any serious online business, but do not underestimate the Bing tool, they are good for 30% of searches too. Have a nice day Paul.

      Kind regards, Loes

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