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Help Me I Am Bored

Help me I am bored

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Hi, that is a terrible feeling, to feel bored, not knowing how to spend your time. Often boredness goes hand in hand with loneliness. When your Help Me I Am Boredquestion is: “What to do all day and how to connect with people at the same time?”, please read on.

A couple of years ago, I was surfing the internet, looking for information. Information about how to make a website. I didn’t know zero about this. By accident, I found Wealthy Affiliate. I knew nothing about this company, but the good thing I understood at this point was (English is not my native language); They offered a free ride for 7 days, no credit card needed. So I created an account. And I promised myself, if this isn’t any good, I will figure it out in 7 days, and I am out again. They won’t get any money out of my pocket. I saw myself leave again before I even got started. Oh my, was I wrong!

The Wealthy Affiliate Community

After I created the account, I did the walkthrough. And during this walkthrough, I received the first messages from people from all over the world, to welcome me to the Wealthy Affiliate community and to wish me good luck and success. It felt like hearing I hit the jackpot while lying in a hot tub! It is amazing how the Wealthy Affiliate community is helping! It is beyond any of my expectation. I can not explain it in words, you just have to experience the warmth and helpfulness yourself.

They told me that any interest could be made profitable. (In website jargon, an “interest” is called a “niche”.) My brain started tumbling around because I had a lot of ideas on my mind, those ideas just had some problems to come out. At least, I didn’t know how.

Build Websites When You Are Bored

From day 1 until now I haven’t been bored for a second! I am building websites, and I interact and help others in the Wealthy Affiliate community. The first website I build is This is kids artIt is in the maintained mode right now, just because I am so busy not being bored 🙂 My second website, I work on that website weekly, is Work at Home Future. That website is displaying all kind of wonderful tips & training about creating a website. I even translated this website into Dutch, my native language. That is my third website. On my fourth website, I display all pictures my husband makes on the road. But all those websites is not exactly where my heart lies. My main interest is in how to transfer a spiritual and healthy lifestyle to others. These two websites I write in my native language Dutch because it is easier to express myself in my own language. Kleurboekjes (coloring life) and Aloesvera (a healthy lifestyle). And my seventh website, you are on right now. Your Siterubix dot com. You can imagine, I AM NOT BORED anymore. Don’t just visit websites when you are bored, build websites yourself when you are bored!

Facebook, YouTube, and Playing Games

You can fight your boredness on Social Media. You can spend all day addicted scrolling down Facebook. You can fill your time watching YouTubes. Or spending your time with online games. But that’s not giving you the satisfaction you are looking for. Nor does it give you the connection you want to feel. It will only give you a feeling of uselessness.

Help Me I Am Bored

Try Wealthy Affiliate Now

Are you still bored? Not knowing what you should do? Come on in and join me. Not only I, but a whole community is waiting to welcome you and to help you. Do as I did, create an account and see for yourself. Complete access for 7-days! No credit card needed, just a healthy curiosity.

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