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How Do You Get Over An Empty Nest Syndrome

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6 kids and 36 years of caring career.

And then, how to cope when your kids are adults and do not need your care so badly as they use to need you. They moved probably to another city. Went to college. Or backpacking somewhere at another continent. Whatever they are doing, they left you behind. You are fired, at least, it feels like you are fired. It is normal to feel overwhelmed and sad. A period is closing. And it wasn’t a small one. My oldest is becoming 36 and my youngest is 16 years of age.

Realizing that my life is going to change in about 2-3 years when my youngest will probably leave the nest, I searched for something of interest to fill my time with. And I found the perfect solution!

Since July 2014, my first website is online! The website displays all kind of art, mostly made of garbage by the kids of my daycare. This is kids art also gives household tips and tricks. The blog on it is with various topics. Parenting, kids toys (good and bad), Ways to run a household. And even charity topics.

this is kids art, garbage art for kids

Your child is moving out.

Your child is moving and so you have to move on too. You still be the mom, but your role has changed. Changed from caretaker into advisor. When your son or daughter is standing at a point of a big decision in their lives, they will come home to you for advice. Even for a little advice, the phone will ring. Mom, how did you make that sauce? Or how long do you cook the carrots?

My first baby “This is kids art” was born.

I felt I wasn’t finished yet, I have so much to tell the world. So I started the next website. “Work at home, the future is yours”. On this website, I share everything I have learned the past years on the level of website development.

Click here for my tutorial page

Start volunteering for charity

De little sister of this website is the Dutch version Thuiswerken, je toekomst / eigen site maken which means in English Work at home, the future is yours, make your own website.
Part of this website I have filled with topics about my volunteering job as a language coach for refugees.

Still not ready

Years ago, I started to write Dutch spiritual children’s books, it was standing on the shelf, not doing anything but gathering dust. Now they are proudly presented on Coloring life has a translation button.


Your child is moving towards his/her own life.

Don’t stop them, as you wouldn’t like it yourself when your parents had stopped you. Encourage them to stand on their own two feet instead. And refrain yourself from interfering. Buy yourself a webcam to be able to Skype.

The hobby of your partner

Whether he is the dad or the stepfather, his life will change too. And you don’t want to nag each other the whole day. Stimulate him towards his own interests. My partner is a hobby-photographer. And I have made especially for him a website to display his pictures. The Free images website is the pride of my husband.

Free images

Find interests of your own

You have a wealth of information gathered during your caretaking. From baby clothes to heavy metal and from child illnesses to picky eaters. It’s sometimes not easy to find yourself the perfect niche. But think it over, on what subject are you THE expert to ask any question about?

The Wealthy Affiliate University

I became, in the meanwhile, so over-enthusiastic about what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer to so many people, I decided to make this special website to promote Wealthy Affiliate, its community, and the education. It is your time SO worthy to get acquainted with us, and the way we work!

Take the first baby step towards a new life

It feels like your new baby is born when you publish your first website, you take loving care of it, you nurture your website like a baby.

How Do You Get Over An Empty Nest Syndrome

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