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How To Be Successful In Life

How to be successful in life

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How to be successful in lifeWhatever you want to accomplish in life, you need to follow the 5 basic steps. Whether you want to become a successful athlete, a successful writer, a successful ballet dancer or a successful artist.

There are 5 steps you have to take.


Step 1 ~ Learn

The first basic step is to get an education, learn about every aspect you need to know in your discipline.

Step 2 ~ Take action

Practice. It does not come naturally with the wind. You need to learn and practice every day. You actually have to get out of your chair and take action.

Step 3 ~ Focus

When you took the decision to start your education and to go for it, there will be all kind of people on your road who doesn’t seem to believe in a successful outcome. They laugh sheepishly when you tell them your plans. Keep focused to reach out to your goal.

Step 4 ~ Persistence

You need a stubborn persistence, “an against all odds” persistence. I know stories from people who desperately wanted to go to the Olympics, but didn’t make it through the qualifying rounds. 4 years later, they qualified and they stood on the podium. With their gold medal. They learned and practiced for another 4 years to accomplish their goal.

Step 5 ~ Patience

Keep on plowing. Learn. Take action. Focus. Persevere. Patience.

Success doesn’t come overnight.

When you see a very successful circus act, you often do not realize how many times it went wrong before mastering the act. Ten thousand times of trying, falling and getting back on their feet again.


How to become successful in life

How to become successful in anything you set your heart and mind to. Make a commitment to yourself, take the 5 steps of learning, take action, focus, perseverance and be patience. And practice daily. Whether you want to become a successful soccer player, a successful internet marketer or a successful shop owner. Learn and practice!

How to become successful in life

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