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How To Learn About SEO For Free

How to learn about seo for free

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How To Learn About Seo For FreeThe Hidden Mystery Behind SEO

All I learned about SEO – Search Engine Optimization – I learned at the Wealthy Affiliate University. It is of great importance that you optimize your blog post in the correct way. Google is crawling your pages and posts, and like to see specific things in it. So I am giving you a walkthrough here about what I have learned during my education. How To Learn About Seo For Free is one of the topics I have learned and want to share with you. The complete course consists of 50 lessons, divided among 5 modules.

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Obviously, the knowledge of SEO alone is not sufficient to optimize your website for Google or Bing. You need to know how to verify your ownership. And how to sign-up with Google Analytics. Which pictures you can use copyright free or how to write credits for pictures, which are copyrighted. Wealthy Affiliate is an open education resource where you can learn all you need to know about affiliate marketing. We will teach you how to apply for affiliate programs and how to write product reviews. And much more is included in our lessons. Read more about joining, click here.

Here we go…

1. The URL

The URL has to contain the keyword or keyword phrase.

2. Alternative Text of one picture you use (Alt Text)

Name, at least, one appropriate picture after your keyword/ key phrase.

How To Learn About Seo For Free

3. H2 heading with your keyword phrase

My keyword phrase of this post is “How To Learn About Seo For Free.” So I add it here in an H2 heading.

How To Learn About Seo For Free

4. Use of H 1-6 headings

H1 = The Title
H2 = One time the keyword/ keyword phrase
H3-6 = All other subheadings

5. Google likes to see your keyword/ key phrase in the first and last paragraph

You can scroll up and down to see if my key phrase, “How To Learn About Seo For Free”  is appearing in the first and the last paragraph.

6. How long is your title and is the keyword in your title?

The optimized length of the title should be 40 – 70 characters. My title is 53 characters.

7. Internal and external links

Place at least one internal link to one of your other posts or pages, and one external link to another website.
I have added several external and internal links to other websites and other pages in this post.

8. Length of your post

Be sure the length of your post is above the minimum recommendation of 300 words.
300 words = the minimum length.
500 words = good.
750 words = better.
1000 words = very well.
1500 words = excellent.
2000+ words = outstanding.

9. Try to create some call to action links to activate your visitors.

Click here, read more, banners or buttons.

10. Have you tried to make appealing subheadings?

You can use a slogan/ title generator. Click here to go to my no 1# Title generator.

11. Flawless writing

Check your grammar with Grammarly, the free online grammar software.

12. Be sure all your links are working.error 404

Google doesn’t like 404’s.

13. The use of categories

Google loves to see an organized website. When you use categories, your visitors can find all related posts easily. Be sure your post is in the right category.

14. Featured image

I don’t know for sure if a featured image has any effect on the SEO. I always add one, and I name it after my keyword/ keyword phrase. I use for all my posts the same featured image to keep my website clean and clear.

How to learn about seo for free


15. Tags are important

By entering some tags you can tell Google what more is important on your post beside the keyword/ keyphrase. 3-8 tags will be sufficient.

16. Placing images and visuals

Not only people but Google loves images too. People don’t like to see a big block of text. Google knows that and will detect if you have images displayed. Start with the first image above the fold. And always place appropriate images.
For placing visuals, you can think of pictures, slideshows, and videos.

17. Meta description

Google has told us, not to look anymore for the meta description, and will abstract its own from now on. Personally, I am not very pleased about this, because Google will mess up my carefully composite sentences. It doesn’t even has my primary keyword phrase in it.

Google and meta description Google and meta description




I hope Google will reconsider this decision and will start using the meta description I provide again. I still fill this in on my SEO all in one form. I like my own better.

18. How many times you have to use your keyword?

The algorithm of Google will not only recognize your actual keyword phrase alone. They also will recognize parts of this phrase. The advice of Google is nowadays, to write your post in the most natural way.
When you follow this 18 rules on this post about “How to learn about SEO for free”, you will be much better than the competitor.

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