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How To Learn Affiliate Marketing?

How to learn affiliate marketing

Back to school, are you readyLoes Knetsch ©

What is affiliate marketing?

As Affiliate marketer, you become a partner of a merchant who is selling products. You will become an advertiser for that merchant. When there are products sold via your affiliate link, you get some commission.

How does affiliate marketing work?

Affiliate marketing always takes place online. And you advertise for the merchant using online methods. Via your own website, Social Media, email or spreading your link on special forums. You play it by the rules of the merchant. Some will require of you, you own a domain name and a website. Others will agree that you work solely using Social Media. It can be difficult to use Social Media as solely medium to advertise. I do recommend to start affiliate marketing with a website.

How To Learn Affiliate Marketing?

Back to school, are you ready? To become a successful affiliate marketer you need to learn the skills. It isn’t difficult, but you really need to learn how you can promote your partners product in the best way. How to make your website visible for all search engines. We are a group of enthusiastic affiliate marketers, and not only working as marketers but also writing tutorials in our community to help others succeed. We have a basic training course,  step-by-step video modules with easy to follow up tasks, which will bring you a solid foundation for your online presence. Here is a trial lesson to see how things work at our school.

Getting started video lesson

Who wants me as a partner?

Almost every (what bigger) company has an affiliate program, you often can find it into the footer of the website of the merchant. They really want to sell their products in a correct way. And they will be interested in your way of working when you apply for a partnership. The merchant will visit your website and will approve your request when he likes what he sees.

How much does an education affiliate marketing cost me?

The education we offer is tailored to what you need to create a solid foundation for your online business.

We offer you a 7-day PREMIUM trial period. After this week, you can choose to stay on as a free member, or to continue your education to create a serious online business. Either way, it’s worth to try it out!

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