How to make a website with WordPress by using our step by step video training

How to make a website with wordpress

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WordPress tutorial for beginners

How to make a website with WordPress by using our step by step video training.

Thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs have joined our platform. And together we are an enthusiastic team and building on our website (s) and future. The video training is written with entrepreneurs and business owners in mind, with up to date strategies and marketing ideas incorporated. For over 10 years, people are joining and growing their online business using our platform. We support and guide entrepreneurs like you every step of the way. Every day. Full time. We are ahead of everyone else. We teach you how to set up and monetize your website. Our training helps you to understand the fundamental principles you need to know for an online enterprise.

The advantages of WordPress

  1. You can choose from thousands of free themes
  2. You do not need technical skills
  3. Google loves the WordPress application

The advantages of the Wealthy Affiliate training

  1. We lift up the fear to enter the internet environment
  2. We are turning insecurity into safety
  3. Our certification course will keep you from getting overwhelmed
  4. Our training is specified to attract visitors
  5. The training is suitable for beginners and people who want to attract visitors to an existing website

Google searches

There are over a hundred thousand searches on Google alone a month. Add Bing& Yahoo, Yandex & Baidu to it, and you end up with millions of searches. There has never been a better time to start online and to find the stream of an additional income. What does it take to get top rankings and tons of traffic to your website? It’s no magic to rank on the first page of Google. Google is ranking pages, not complete websites. So every page or post you are publishing competes for the first page on Google.

Which factors are important to Google?

  1. Google loves WordPress websites, it’s customizable for their search engine, Social Media and ultimately Google friendly.
  2. The coding of the page (WordPress does this for you) is very easy for Google to read.
  3. What info do you give to Google? (sitemap and keywords, all included in our course)
  4. Is your content helpful and relevant?
  5. Are you regularly adding new content?
  6. Is your content liked and shared on Social Media?
  7. A properly coded website and with the right keywords filled in on the website, your website will rank faster and higher.

The best type of website application to use, therefore, is WordPress. WordPress has its own add-ons plugin center, which you can freely use to better your website. Plugins are little programs you can add to let nice things function on your website.

WordPress software is free to use

Most website work with Cpanel or FTP uploads. We have that all covered on our platform. In just 4 steps, your website is alive. After that, you can drag and drop or upload your content with one button click.

Watch this video to see how easy it is to start your own website at our Wealthy Affiliate platform.



Pick the name of your website

Of course, it’s important to pick the right name for your website. But I can tell you, that’s not important right now. When you decide to start a website at the Wealthy Affiliate platform, you can pick any name at this moment. We provide you a free to use sub-domain name. A You can play around with it, and when you have made up your mind, you delete the any-name-website, and you start your serious-business-website. And when you want to, you can buy your own domain name. Don’t worry about the theme you choose as well, you can change that anytime.


Plans & Pricing Wealthy Affiliate Blog

As soon as you have your WordPress website installed, you’ve opened a new world, the world of what’s behind every website. You’ll be surprised to see the back-office of every WordPress website!

Right now, I am writing this post for you 🙂


The WordPress dashboard

  1. My tool box available for me to use
  2. The toolbar for adding text and links
  3. Switch from visual to text into page builder
  4. Add post to the correct category
  5. Add tags to specify your content
  6. In the toolbox, you’ll find also a button to customize your site

Our platform provides several WordPress dashboard training. So you can learn how everything works within a day. We are determined to show you how the get the most out of your website. We teach you how to drive traffic to your website and how to write quality content.

How to select and choose a WordPress theme

Now you’ve started your website, it’s time to choose a theme. There are literally thousands of themes to choose from. (premium only) So we use the feature filter. This filter enables you to extract a selective number of themes.

Feature_filter wordpress theme


When you found a theme you like, it’s very easy to install and activate the theme. It takes the click of 2 words. Install. Activate.

Customize theme

The first thing you do after you have installed your theme is to take a look at the customize section. You find the link to it under Appearances > Customize. There can be a huge difference between themes and what you can customize. When you want more possibilities, search for another theme.

Here are 2 completely different themes, Omega and Sydney, and also completely different customizing possibilities. The theme I use for this website is Sydney.

Customize_site WordPress


How do we work from this point

  • Your website is activated
  • You have found the perfect theme
  • Time to start our Certification course
  • We provide the opportunity to get in contact with all members and ask questions

We will take you by the hand and with the help of our easy to follow video training, we are going to build a strong and steady fundament for your website.

We can teach anyone how to build a successful online business


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2 thoughts on “How to make a website with WordPress by using our step by step video training

  1. Hello, Loes. Your presentation about easiness to use WordPress as the platform to create successful websites is clear and straight to the point.
    Previously I was determined to learn how to code because I knew that websites are the best way to share ideas, experience, expertise and passions. The process of learning was so boring; it is mostly the same checking through lines of code that not to skip some symbols.
    When I found Wealthy Affiliate, I was delighted with the simplicity of WordPress.
    Of course there are some learning involved, but we can concentrate on writing more and not to worry about the structure of the website. We can choose theme from hundreds of WordPress list.
    Thanks for the comprehensive article.
    All the best, be healthy and wealthy, Nemira.

    1. Hi Nemira, thank you, if I had to code everything, I know I would have trow in the towel. It’s so easy to set-up and write content for a website nowadays, even my daycare kids are sometimes creating a page of their own on my test website.

      Best wishes for you too, kind regards, Loes

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