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How To Make Your Website Better?

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How to make your website betterA well-structured website will have more success than when your website is a mess.
What can you do to make your website better?
Here are 10 tips how to optimize your website.
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1. Make your website faster

To make your website faster is a good way to tie visitors and rank higher in Google. Visitors will find the information as quickly as possible what they are looking for. When a website is loading very slow, they will soon be tempted to go to a different website.

A quick website is not only beneficial for visitors, Google also likes that. The faster and better optimized a website, the easier it is for the search engine giant to review its contents. A fast website will result in a higher rank.  In other words, the faster your site, the faster your visitors will find you!

2. Resize and rename your images

Before you upload your images to your website, be sure you have renamed them properly and resized them to the size you need, which is often 300px but to max 600px. Images with sizes of 2500px will slow down your website dramatically. Rename your pictures, images with names as DCM05847237597 will not score well in the Google search results. Then fill in the alt tag for your image with the same name.

3. Videos on your website

When you place videos, you’d better use extern programs, as Vimeo and Youtube. When you use the embed function, your website remains its speed. When you are able to make your own advertising or training video, you have to use the same keyword phrase on Vimeo or Youtube as you use on your website.

4. Optimize your website speed

How to make your website better by optimizing your website speed? You can install the plugin W3 Total cache

W3 Total Cache improves the user experience of your site by increasing server performance, reducing the download times and providing transparent content delivery network (CDN) integration.

5. Use categories from the beginning

The use of categories is very important for the ease of your visitors to surf your website. They are able to find the content where they are looking for quickly. Also, Google likes to see a structured website, and will place your website higher than a similar website without categories.

6. Structure your website

To see if your website is well structured, you can ask a friend to surf your website and look what he/she is doing. How your articles can be found, if they even find them. A real good program to test your website is Peek users testing. You can use it for free, and will get 3 free test video per month of 5 minutes. The Peek pro version cost $49 for 10 videos of 15 minutes. Read more about getting a higher rank in Google.

7. Place internal links

Make a map, so you can follow up the internal linking. Try to avoid cold pages/posts. On the best websites you are 2, at most 3, clicks away from what you are looking for.

Page structure map

8. Another way of placing internal links.

Add a link gallery at the bottom of the page/post with related posts.

9. Link your images

When you upload your images to your website, the default display is often “Media file”. Change that setting into an appropriate custom URL or set the image to “None” which will make it unclickable.

10. Think about the readability of your post

Add images. Add paragraphs/white space. Add head tags, H2-H6. Use the H1 for the title. One time the H2 for your keyword phrase. And use the H3-H6 for your subtitles.

How to make your website better?


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