How To Promote Your Business On Youtube

How to promote your business on Youtube

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Any business needs promotion whether it’s an offline or online business.

How to promote your business

One of the methods you can use is Youtube. Before you can use this way of advertising, you need to open your own Youtube channel. Where you can upload your advertisement video. Cause that’s the way to go and how to promote your business using Youtube. Click beneath to open your Youtube Account.

How To Promote Your Business On Youtube

How To Promote Your Business On Youtube

The easiest way to make a Youtube movie for your business is to go to Biteable. World’s easiest video maker ever!

How To Promote Your Business


True, you need a bit visualization making a video on Biteable, because you can only preview it when it’s ready. So, make before you start a kind of film script. With for every picture or template you are planning to use, a slogan from about 50 characters. But the good thing is, you can edit your video time after time again.

Here is my demo video


On biteable you can use ready made templates, but you can also upload your own pictures, Eg. Pictures from your business premises or employees. The first picture of earth, on this video, is an image from Biteable. I also used my own images, the same as I used for my header on my website.

You have made your video

Yes! You have made your video! What next? Biteable has a direct button to upload your video to your Youtube channel. Once uploaded, you need to add annotations. Go to your channel, the video manager, and click on edit function of your just made video. Choose a suitable thumbnail, or upload your own picture. Otherwise, Youtube will add the picture which is displayed exactly in the middle of your video.

Under the video is the SEO part from Youtube, where you fill in your keywords.

How to promote your business on Youtube

Only the first 2 lines will be displayed at your Youtube Thumbnail. So you start with your web address or company name, followed by the keyword/keyword phrase of your website blog post. In this case, it’s “How to promote your website on Youtube”. After that, you can fill in some extra relevant keyword phrases.

Add annotations on your Youtube

In the menubar, you can see info and settings – optimization – audio – annotations – subtitles.
As you can see, some parts of my video link directly to my website. At annotations, you can add clickable speech bubbles, which are visible. You also can add clickable spotlights, which can be made invisible.

Annotations on Youtube

If you haven’t used the free music from Biteable, you can look through the music library at Youtube for free music to add.

Add your business promotion video to your website.

The last thing to do is to write an advertising article on your website, and add the video to the blog post.

If you don’t have a website yet start one right now for free!

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6 thoughts on “How To Promote Your Business On Youtube

  1. Video marketing is huge these days. They are simply effective. People now prefer to consume videos instead of articles. It’s more entertaining and more engaging. So having videos to market or promote a business is a no brainer. Youtube is obviously the best place to do it. How is your experience with this so far? Are you achieving your desired results? Anyways, thanks for writing this. Have a good day.

    1. Hi Andrew, unfortunately, I haven´t any video on YouTube going viral yet, I hope one day one of my videos will attract lots of views, but I think every little bit of advertising is helping your business grow. And when I observe the nowadays youth, of all Social Media, they use YouTube and Instagram most of the time. They are very visual minded.

      Thank you for your comment, Kind regards, Loes

  2. I plan to use YouTube to promote my website very soon, as I teach dance and I feel that YouTube provides a very convenient platform for me to share my ideas on dance with my audience!

    One issue I always had was that I didn’t know how to make the video look professional. I mean, with opening credits and all the jazz.

    But now I know!

    Biteable is something I will use in the near future.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow I’m really impressed by that biteable bit of software – I’ve made many vids for youtube but I’ve never really come across this one before!
    It looks like a free product but does it always carry that watermark? I take it that is removed when you upgrade to premium or something? Thanks for sharing this – love that particular option!

    1. Hi Chris, thank you for dropping by, indeed that watermark will be removed when you upgrade your account at biteable to premium. Just go in and play with the options they provide. It is a great program for anyone who wants to make more visual content on their websites.

      Success, Loes

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