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How to protect my computer for free

How to protect my computer for free

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How to protect my computer for freeThere are a lot of stories online about people who take your computer hostage. Scammers who hack your computer. They take your computer hostage and only will release your files when you pay the ransom fee. The online malware will bring a lot of damage to your computer. And you never will know if they have completely vanished after paying the ransom. To be certain they are not on your computer anymore, you better format and install your steering system again.


What is the easiest way to protect your computer for free?

I have three systems I follow to protect my computer for free.

The first system is Dropbox and completely free

Once a week I copy all my files to Dropbox. So when my computer gets hacked or infiltrated by a virus all my files are safe and stalled on Dropbox. And I can easily recover any attack by formatting my computer and recover all files.

The second system is a USB device

The USB devices you can buy nowadays are huge! You can easily copy your complete hard disk to a USB stick nowadays.
Kingston 64GB DataTraveler SE8 USB 2.0 Flash Drive - 64 GBUSB 2.0 - Dark Blue - 1 Pack - Capless, Lightweight DTSE8/64GB
This one is 64GB and will cost you 15.49 (USD)

It is a one-time investment, and you will sleep better knowing that your files are safely stored, no matter what 🙂 !

You can buy one online, or go to the closest store to buy one, but just do it!



My third system is: Never click any link send to me by email

You get all kind of sleazy offers by email. But also, bank mail and PayPal warnings. That your account will be closed. That your debit card is expired. And if you please will fill in the form online. Don’t fall for this trick!

Your bank will never ask you for private data!

How to protect my computer for free

How genuine the mail might look to you, with logo and addresses on it. Your bank will not ask you for pin codes. And they will not ask you to send them your bank card. When your bank card needs to be replaced, you will get a new one from your bank. You will receive 2 envelopes. One with the bank card and one with activating instructions. And they will ask you to cut your old bank card in half.

Also, Paypal will NOT ask for your login code! Don’t ever use a link provided in your email to go to your Paypal account. Always go there with your own secured link and login to the site directly.

I hope this will help you to keep your data safe and your computer secured!

Have a nice day 🙂

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2 thoughts on “How to protect my computer for free

  1. Hi Loes,
    Those are some good suggestions there. I also use Wordfence for my self hosted sites. Wordfence has a free option that has worked very well to protect my sites. I could not tell you the number of times that people have tried to hack into my site but they were blocked by my settings in Wordfence. On managed sites like you find hosted at WA they have their own security system and do an excellent job at backing up your files and fixing things.
    Like you though, I like to keep a copy of the important files on my computer and on my sites in other places. If you don’t then you may lose some very important data or even a whole website like some friends recently lost.

    1. Hi Glenda, I am so happy I don’t have to worry about losing my websites, they are all backed up at Wealthy Affiliate. I have only my folders to worry about, and those are now saved on a USB device and sent off to dropbox, thanks for the Wordfence tip, kind regards Loes

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