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How To Set Up An Affiliate Marketing Website

How To Set Up An Affiliate Marketing Website

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You can work as an affiliate marketer in 2 ways, With and without a website. But not all affiliate companies will accept you as a partner without a website. You need to have a very successful social network with millions of followers before they accept your application without a website. So most of us do need a niche website to start affiliate marketing.

Your website has been declined

This article is written for starting affiliate marketers, but also for people who have already a website, but their website is declined by an affiliate company.

Guide for affiliate marketing

I want to help you with this guide for affiliate marketing to build or improve your website for an online affiliate business.

Here are the steps to set up an affiliate marketing website

  • You need a niche ideaSet Up An Affiliate Marketing Website
  • You need a (sub) domain name
  • You need a hosting company
  • You need a website template (WordPress)


Brainstorm a bit about your website to be. What do you love? And from which subject do you know a lot? Which products would you like to promote?

Domain name or sub domain name

The difference between a domain name and a subdomain name is about the same as hiring or buying a house. A bought domain name is yours, as long as you pay for it. A sub domain name will never be your property.

Whether you choose for a sub domain or your own bought domain, you need an appropriate name. And it has to be available. A domain name is a unique address especially for you on the internet. A lot of people use their own name as a brand. I started that way too. With But nobody will ever put that into the google search bar, so that’s was a missed opportunity for letting people find my website.

Which hosting company to chose?

Some companies have everything in the house, for others, you need to shop around. Some offer solely hosting and own domain names, at other companies you can choose complete packages with website templates, courses, security and sub domain names. It’s quite a forest out there. I have chosen for a complete all in package, for my own convenience.

Your website is a fact, what now?

What do you have to accomplish before you can apply for an affiliation? To become an affiliate of Amazon or another company, you need to apply. And therefore, you need to show them your best side. It’s a bit like when you apply for a job. You need to prove that you are worthy to be a partner/employee.

The affiliate company will ask you:

  • How many visitors are coming to your website?Make Your Website Affiliate Company Proof
  • Which advertising methods will you use? Writing blogs, reviews, SEO, paid advertisements?
  • Which grow in traffic are you expecting?
  • Where will your visitors come from, social media? Or local?

All questions to think about before you apply for affiliate marketing.

Your website is set up, what now?

Alright! Congratulations. You are the owner of a beautiful website template. Now you have to decorate it into a nice place for people to visit. And before you apply to an affiliate company, you need to create some content for a good first acquaintance.

What do affiliate companies expect?


  • To see some (about 10) helpful posts for your visitors.
  • To see some (about 5) reviews of products you have been testing.
  • An organized menu, categories, and recent posts.
  • They want to see social sharing buttons.
  • A privacy policy, affiliate disclaimer and for Europe a Cookie law warning.

Visual activity

how do you drive traffic to your websiteGoogle, Bing, and Yahoo do love to see activity on your website. They will push you up whenvideos and comments your website is getting new posts and comments.

  • Nice images or pictures
  • Create or share YouTubes
  • Activate the comment box

Make your website visual attractive with appropriate images. You can also try to find some terrific niche-related YouTubes online and embed them. And of course, comments! Some platforms are serving each other with placing comments back and forth. That’s one of the reasons why I chose for an all-in-one platform.

Does this all make sense to you?

Yes? Or might this be complete Greek to you? In that case, maybe it’s a good idea to start an online course? At an all-in-one platform where you can start, learn, host, build and buy a domain name? And receive all the help you need? It’s always exciting to try something new, so I give you the chance to do this for free for a week. To surf the forum, to ask questions to members, and to look through the course material. No strings attached. You decide if this is what you’re looking for. You decide to skip the offer and to find something that fits you better.

It’s always exciting to try something new, so I give you the chance to take a peek for free for a whole week. To surf the affiliate marketing business forum. To ask questions to members in live chat and on the forum. And to look through the course material and see what we are offering you. No strings attached. You decide if this is what you’re looking for. You decide to take of leave the offer and to find something that fits you better.

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