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How To Start A Business With Only 100 In The Bank

How to start a business with only 100 in the bank

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Online business starts hereFirst, you need to understand what money is.

Whatever you focus on, will grow.  Do you focus on the lack of money? Whatever you feel emotional as a lack, will grow. Whatever you dislike, will grow. Whatever you mull about, will grow. Whatever you condemn, will grow.

How are your thoughts about the 100 dollars you have in the bank?

Starting a business has nothing to do with the availability of money, it has to do with where you are focussing on. How your mindset is.

From your childhood until now, you’ve been taught wrong things. And I do not judge anybody for this. Caretakers simply didn’t know any better. The ability to create is in you. Create good things, but also, create bad things.

The source of creating wealth, health and abundance, is right there, in your heart.

Moving Dice with heart

Read on if you want to know how.

You can move mountains by connecting your emotions to the love in your heart!


(Love and emotion)

Stop Judging <-> Start Feeling

Whatever you focus on will grow. Step out of judgement into gratitude.

I guess there are judgements you have never thought about:

When you are a woman, do you have judgements about that?

Do you think a man is stronger? Is it true a man has to earn more in an hour? Is a man a better leader?

When you are a man, do you have any judgements about that?

May only women cry? Is a man weak when he acknowledge his emotions?

What more down talk can you think of?

Are you born on the fringe of society…and money is out of range for you….?

Which thought do you have about that?

Rich people are swindlers. Money is filthy. Born a loser, always a loser. Richness isn’t for me. I will never be successful unless I win the lottery.

These are all judgements without a base.

Throw every single thought about every judgement over your shoulder!

Rose and cat

See yourself as energy ….floating and fully connected with the universal energy….

The universe will give you anything you “think” you deserve.

Re-install your authenticity! You are born in abundance, you just left it behind you. Stop believing all kind of nonsense your teachers told you. You are an adult and you can pick up your own responsibility now!

Belief in yourself


Empower yourself 

Wake up! 

Connect positive emotions and feelings consciously to the warm loving feelings in your heart!


  1. Change your thoughts about who you are.
  2. Change your thoughts about money.
  3. Start focussing on what you have and be grateful
1. How to change your thoughts.

Start replacing your judgements for gratitude.

Feel the love and empathy instead of aversion.

Link your positive emotions to your heart feeling.

Be aware, when you link your negative emotions, you will attract that too.

2. How to change your thoughts about money.

Money is energy, no more and no less.

Are you confident the electricity (energy) flows to you via cables?

That’s the only thought you need to remember about money.

3. How to focus on gratefulness.

Stop every judgement. Say thank you to everything. And commit it to your heart feelings.


Money is energy. You are energy. Work is energy. The sun is energy. Everything is energy.
Which energy do you want to attract and attach to yourself?

Stop right now to focus on becoming rich, focus yourself on BEING rich. BEING successful.

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How To Start A Business

With Only 100 In The Bank

Start a business without money, with focus and perseverance!

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