I Have A Dream About Success

I have a dream about success

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Have you ever dreamed about success? I have! And I am quite sure that my success is growing. In fact, it does! Are you ready for success? I will tell you my story.

Years ago, I started writing a series of booklets for children.

Not religious, not following one particular faith, just written from my soul and the knowledge I have picked up during my life on this earth.

My life motto is:

Teach the children well, and we can change the world in a decade.

I wanted to get the colored booklets printed and published. The blue one is for thankfulness, the orange can teach children about health. Etc. I don’t know if you have ever tried to get a book published, that is not that easy as it sounds. After visiting a dozen publishers, I gave up. I quit. For years, the booklets disappeared in a cupboard drawer. But it remained to itch in my head. I was not satisfied with the way things went. I couldn’t let some dull publisher crush my dream.

So I sat down and thought things over, and in a split second, it came to my mind that I could publish my booklets on the internet. If only I had the knowledge to develop a website…..

I have a dream about - Coloring life website
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Success = Take Action

Success is inextricably bound up with taking action!

Out of all the research I have done, before I decided to start my online education, nothing compared to what I have read and experienced at the forum and website of Wealthy Affiliate (WA). WA has a unique concept. And is innovative and sits on top of market developments. The marketing lessons are being updated as soon there are new trends.

In the meantime, it’s now 2 years ago since I joined WA and took my first wavering steps towards an online future, I have made more friends, received more prayers, positive vibrations, advice, wisdom, counsel, personal and professional help and empathy from my friends in WA than I have ever received in my 56+ years offline life before.

Just curious, what is your definition of success?

As you can read, mine had nothing to do with financial success, merely a heart feeling which I wanted to spread. Although I must admit, the affiliate program of WA does bring me a nice additional income.

I have a dream about… what about you?

What drives you? Poem? Music? Cooking? Writing? Fishing? I can go on for ages. Here, read my 1001 niche ideas. And start writing from within your soul. Let the world know and get your dream out there!

My doubts and struggles

Building a website was the easiest part, getting my butt out there, publishing in front of millions of readers, was for me really a very high threshold. And thanks to the encouragement of my friends at WA I stepped out of my shell and comfort zone. This really is an amazing, wonderful and caring community.

Share your dream

I am not promising you mountains of money, that’ s up to you, how you monetize your dream. I do promise you a lifetime experience of a warm-hearted and caring community.

What you further need to know…

  • You get a 7-day free trial period
  • You do not need to give any payment details
  • You will have instant access
  • I will be there to welcome you and help you along with thousands of others
  • During this 7-day period, you will get a discount offer

What are you waiting for?

start your free trial today

Not yet convinced? Take a peek inside!

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4 thoughts on “I Have A Dream About Success

  1. Yes, part of success is definitely taking action, no doubt. During the process of taking action, we will meet several like-minded people, gain satisfaction from spreading the words around, and discover new things about ourselves and our surroundings.

    Of course, if it can bring in income – that’s simply too perfect!

    With billions of users using the internet in the current days, having a website that focuses on an interest is definitely the best way one can get her words out to the world.

    Thanks for sharing! Will definitely check out Wealthy Affiliate at some point of time.

    1. Hi Rachel, in the old days, we got the word around with troubadours, then the newspapers, telex and telephone followed, nowadays we just need to get our word spread using the internet. In about a few years from now we can reach out to every living person. For every starting business, every person who’s got something to share, a website is a must.


  2. Hello Loes,
    I love this site and your views on making your dreams come true. thanks so much for sharing your story. So has it taken approximately 2 years for you to come this far? You really seem to have come a long way in such a short time so I congratulate you for this.
    Thanks again, Kris

    1. Hi Kris, yes 2 years, however, I am stuck to my computer, just writing and developing every day, I just love it so much. They say, when you make from your hobby your profession, you do not need to work another day. And they are right, the way I fill my days doesn’t feel like working at all:)


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