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Internet Live Traffic Maps

INTERNET life traffic maps

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When you are active on the internet, you are probably interested in live traffic data. It can be really important to follow the global internet traffic. That’s why I want to share some great internet live traffic maps with you. Mind blowing programs!

Internet Live Traffic Maps

1. Internet Live Stats

Amazing tool to watch Facebook, YouTube, and other live stats. When you watch the counters, it becomes quite overwhelming and hypnotizing. The counter of YouTube is running hot! And that doesn’t surprise me a bit. The youth is very YouTube minded.

Internet Live Traffic Maps

2. Neonam Interactive Trendmap

This Global interactive trend tracker is AMAZING, What is going on in the world? What are people looking for in China, and which subjects are trending in the US? What keeps people’s minds busy in Europe? A global live traffic map. A content marketing service you have to see!

What is trending worldwide
What is trending worldwide?


3. Answer the Public

A very “nice but peculiar” gentleman is waiting for you to add some keywords to suggest any content ideas in seconds… just try it! Ask the seeker!

Ask the public


4. Ruzzit

Find the most shared content on the Web. What is hot on Facebook? The most read tweets on Twitter. Which posts are shared on G+? What goes Viral on YouTube? And other Social Media. Check it up on Ruzzit!

Find the most shared content

5. Feedjit

Look who’s there! Who is visiting your website? Place the Feedjit code into your side widget, and you can see in the live feed from which country you get real time visitors.

Live visitor tracker feedjit


It’s really great to see these internet live stats, interactive and changing every second. The internet traffic comes alive right before your very eyes. You really should visit these Internet Live Traffic Maps to see what’s going on out there!

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