Job of the Future

Jobs Of The Future

Jobs Of The Future

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Traditionally you get a job, and you worked a long time for the same boss. That seems to be an outdated concept nowadays. Long-term contracts are not signed anymore. Flex-workers, temporary workers, and freelancers now populate the labor market. Unemployment is rising and there are ever fewer jobs through automation. The jobs of the future will be definitely different from what we were used to.

Jobs of the future

What is your vision for the jobs of the future?

My vision is getting clearer every day. You need to be flexible and you need to be skilled. One thing is certain, in my opinion, communication, and sales via the internet will increase significantly in the near future. Most of the companies that do not present themselves at the Internet will disappear from the scene.

There will be a high demand for developers and programmers. And the demand for (flexible) specialists will increase in each area. As a store owner, you are pretty much obliged to offer you goods also via the Internet to make ends meet.

future job astronaut

New Futuristic jobs

Of course, not all future job will be in space, there always will be craftsmen needed, however, automation will not stop and many people need to be retrained.




Totally new jobs:

Drone Driver.
Joystick operator
Celebrity or talent agent, personal assistant.
Skype video conferencing organizer.
Privacy consultant.
Professional gamer. 
Personal Skill counselors, to encourage kids to think outside the box (again).
Real-time videographer for touristic ads. Filmed bungee jumps, abseiling and hang gliding movies.
Personal trainers, for all levels, health, food, fitness, lifestyle.
Social media advisors, ad creators, slogan creators.
Crowdfunding specialist.
Allergic skin and body specialists, to detox the body.
Digital Detox Therapist, to help people deal with digital addiction.

And the best future job is of course: The Jobs of the future specialist, a professional specialized in advising people about which future job opportunities they have.  🙂

The future job market, ICT

Website builder, SEO specialist, website developer, website special effects specialist, logo maker, header development, social media specialist, developer/programmer, business analyst (o.a. data warehouse), project manager, website security specialist, SEO analyst, keyword specialist and more.

The Wealthy Affiliate University

The open education resource at the Wealthy Affiliate University is accessible to anyone who wants to learn more about an online business, affiliate marketing, and search engine optimization.

For a few of these jobs, we have specific training at the Wealthy Affiliate University. Our quality training is, by all means, very suitable for shop owners who are interested in building a website and starting internet entrepreneurs who are interested in affiliate marketing. And people who see the future of their jobs disappear and want to take matters into their own hands.

Our program is very well adapted to the Internet market sector and will directly be adjusted when the rules are changing.

Our specialist team

The founders, Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim, are supported by a group of about 20 specialists, below you can see the leaders of the team. They give you a 24/7 technical support service.

Wealthy Affiliate team Kyle and Carson


Next to the Wealthy Affiliate leadership, we are a group of enthusiastic marketers willing to help any newbie into the saddle.

Build a website from scratch


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4 thoughts on “Jobs Of The Future

  1. Wow this is a great article. I never considered becoming a drone pilot but that sounds like a dream job! It sounds really future-proof with the increased usage of such devices.

    Professional gaming is really interesting, it’s a pipe-dream for most people since the in time investment is so high and unless you’re at such a high level there isn’t very much money to support yourself. However recently it seems Twitch is bridging the gap, allowing for more exposure and increased chance of being noticed.

    I think I probably need a Digital Detox Therapist since I compulsively check my phone every 5 minutes!

    1. Hi Lol/smurf, there are really cool future jobs, and drones are used by the police force, and firefighters, and the army, but also by foresters, I have visited your website, (lol-smurfs. com/blog/how-to-become-a-pro-gamer) but there is really something wrong with your menu links, you need to pay attention to those, they all end/up in a fatal error message, success repairing those, have a great day, Loes

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