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Latest trends of 2016

Latest trends 2016

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Latest trends 2016This morning, the 21st of May 2016, I came from bed with the thought:
“What things make people move on the internet?”
“What are people looking for?”
“What is trending?”
And I decided to take an online survey to investigate the latest trends of 2016.
So I started out at the Google search engine to find some answers.
The keyword search phrase I used was: “Which keyword is most used at Google search?”

keyword search list 2016

As always, I am a bit skeptical.

You see on 6 the g displayed and on 9 the f, and due to my own observations, I miss in the whole top 100 the specific category 18+. Not one keyword implies into that direction. I am not quite sure if this list is respectable when certain keywords can be banned. But let us assume that the g and f somehow are leading in that direction.

Google Trends

It probably will not surprise you that the TOPPER wins with 45,500,000 searches a month! Far out the most searched keyword is


Why? Well, the weather affects all of us. You can’t organize an event without first checking the weather report.

Globalisation brings people together, and it can be measured with the second most searched keyword on the list


Maps, news, and calculator are completing the TOP 5 Google search engine list. And I am very pleased with this Worldwide Top 5 list of searches. Because I really was a bit afraid to find some computer game as Top listed subject.

During this search, I found the Google site of Google trends where you can watch the trends per day from different countries. What a trend is in one country, is totally of the map in another country.

USA top search of 2016 on the 21 of May is the breakthrough in finding a solution for the Zika Virus.

On the contrary, in the UK, on the same day, people are searching en mass for the Laughing Chewbacca mask

Chewbacca mask

This lady has a very infectious laugh.

But it seems that looking at the latest added videos, when you conduct yourself idiotic enough, you get a lot of views on Youtube.

Toronto Raptors, the professional basketball team from Canada have the lead under the Canadian citizens.

Youtube Trends

You can find the latest trends 2016 on Youtube’s trend dashboardCategorized for the USA for each state separately, and for quite a few countries outside the USA too. You can also see the categories most shared and most watched.

It is kind of disappointing to find out that the Youtube of Gang Beasts Funny Moments – Red Chicken Fighting Champion is watched by 4.253.713 people and is been liked by  and only disliked by  times!(one thumb down of me).

Latest trends of 2016 and SEO Keyword Research

When you follow the latest trends on Google and Youtube, you can write targeted posts on your website. You can embed viral Youtube videos on your blog post. Find the best Youtube video in your niche, or find the most appropriate keyword in Google’s top 100 list, and use it for your next blog post.

You can search Google and Youtube for all kind of latest trends of 2016.

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