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Learn How To Run An Online Business

Learn how to run an online business

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One day out of the life of an entrepreneur.

Are you thinking about starting your own online business? But you haven’t got a clue, what you have to do on a daily basis? I am now for over 7 years an independent entrepreneur, and the last 2 years also an online affiliate marketer. And this is how my schedule looks like, after my first cup of coffee 🙂 For the ones who don’t know, I run a daycare at my own home.

1. Coffee time
2. Daycare starts

The kids are having breakfast here at 7.00, they arrive at 6.30 and leave for school at 8.15 hour

3. Check email

The first thing I do, when the children are at school is, check my emails, to keep contacts fresh and answer them right away.

4. Coffie time
5. Content search and writing

Then I start my online search for new content. Usually, that will cost me about 1-2 hours. When I have found my subject to write about, I start digging for the best keyword phrase. Find the appropriate affiliate program to go with the post. Then I start writing my new post, which will take up half an till an hour.

6. Lunch

Usually with a cup of soup from my mother 🙂 She always cooks soup for the whole family!

7. The kids 

At 14.00 hour I fetch the kids from school, we do a game, create something, watch TV, play outside or play on the I-pad. They will leave between 17.00 and 18.30 hour.
In the meantime, I am active as helper and coach, between corporate activity, at Wealthy Affiliate, where I am an ambassador. If you like me to coach you for building a website and become a successful internet marketer, click here.

8. Cooking dinner

I  cook dinner during the week, my husband does the cooking during the weekends.

9. Picture search

Restart at 19.00 hours. When my post set-up is ready, there have to be added some pictures too. My favorite website for that is Pixabay.
Other visuals, like Youtube movies, can be added too.

25 points before you hit the publish button

10. Major check-up

The major check-up, printable LIST is on my WordPress Tutorial Website. 

11. Google Webmaster Tools

When the post is approved by me 😉 I fetch it on Google Webmaster Tools.

12. Share my post with family and friends.

Finally, I share my post on Social Media with all my followers and friends, I use Hootsuite for that, you can share to 3 platforms at ones, and Hootsuite is shortening the URL and fetches the appropriate image too.

13. Wealthy Affiliate Community

During the hours I am out searching the WWW, I am in and out the forum of Wealthy Affiliate, asking for advice, giving advice and helping others with minor problems.

14. Some relax time

Watching the news, and zapping around the TV, drinking a terrific glass of wine.

15. Bedtime, between 23.00 and 24.00 hours, the lights go out.
Me, entrepreneur, offline and online.

I am not really a person who is scheduling a lot. My experience is, that when I plan something, it always comes out different than I thought. Mom calls, children with flat tires, girlfriend comes by for a cup of coffee. And I love all of this. I truly love having the flexibility to switch daily programs!

Because I do not have a boss, I CAN do everything different!

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