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Looking for a job? Part time jobs online!

Looking for a job, partime jobs online

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Job discrimination

It’s not allowed, but it happens all around us, on a big scale. Why is it so hard to find a job when you are too old? Or when you live in a particular neighborhood? This is me, 5 years ago, looking for a job!

Looking for a job, part time jobs online
Looking for a job? BUT……

Looking for a job

Employers may not discriminate on human differences. Not on color, age, name, gender, or in any way whatsoever that people differ from each other. That’s why the rejection often is described cautiously.
When the real reason for the rejection is pregnancy ~ you are overqualified.

A woman gets the job, but if she is asked whether she is pregnant, suddenly there is another candidate better suited.

One day a boy wasn’t suitable because of his name ~ you are underqualified

He sends in a second application, with a common name, and got invited for an interview.

I can give you hundreds of examples of reasons why you didn’t get the job. I know a lot of reasons why I was rejected. I could wallpaper a whole room with them. Next to my regular job having a daycare at home I searched for a job. The children were 2-3-4 when they came but are now all attending school. And extra jobs during school times are not easy to find. That’s the reason I started my own business, at 54 years of age, a few years back. And I am here to help you do the same. Now you are probably curious about my job 🙂

I am an affiliate marketer* and I promote products from companies on my websites. And when someone buys something via my website I get paid. Simple and rewarding work. When I can do this, everybody can do it. About 2 years ago I began, at home, behind my own crummy laptop, an affiliate marketing course at the Wealthy Affiliate University. Not knowing anything about websites or affiliate marketing. I started from scratch.

The prognoses

The statistic prognoses for sales via the Internet are darn right good! They predict a 17% grow of Internet sales for 2016 and a triple for the following 3 years. The time is SO right to begin today!

Easy start next to your existing job.

Fill some hours online during the week and in your weekends with building an additional income for your own future. Are you jobless right now? Take a look at the inside, it’s free, it’s interesting, it’s awesome!

Wealthy Affiliate is hiring independent entrepreneurs!

Part time jobs online

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We are a community of enthusiastic affiliate marketers, independent entrepreneurs, helping each other to create a successful affiliate marketing website.

Are you the entrepreneur we are looking for?

You would be a real asset to our team if you can answer these questions positively:

Are you willing to work hard?

Do you possess the qualities of perseverance and patience?

Are you willing to learn?

If it is three timesLooking for a job?

You are HIRED

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