Jobs Of The Future

Jobs Of The Future

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by Loes Knetsch © Traditionally you get a job, and you worked a long time for the same boss. That seems to be an outdated concept nowadays. Long term contracts are not signed anymore. Flex-workers, temporary workers, and freelancers now populate the labor market. Unemployment is rising and there are ever fewer jobs through automation. The […]

Wealthy Affiliate Worldwide Community

Worldwide Community of Wealthy Affiliate

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by Loes Knetsch Ⓒ The Worldwide Community of Wealthy Affiliate is composed of people from 196 countries. 10,000+ members of the Worldwide Community of Wealthy Affiliate are communicating with each other on a daily base. They are sharing their blogs. Giving advice. Asking questions. Providing answers. Sharing their own training. Showing compassion towards laugh and tear stories. […]