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Proven Online Money Making Systems

Proven online money making systems

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The truth behind the revenue models online.

Fake Proof

When you are surfing the internet for making money online sites, you see a lot of proof notes. They claim to earn the world on revenue. Whole lists which should proof the earnings they received. They look like this.

proven online money making systems
proven online money making systems

You can do two things: Believe it or not!

…and more….

To show you how easy it is to make a list like that, I made one in MS excel with some fake data.


This list is NO proof of earned money online!

Fake Certificates

of being the most skilled entrepreneur online.

Online certificated teachers? You need to check this thoroughly!

Proof of education

A certificate like this you can order for $ 60 online, and it looks very genuine, but it is a fake! You would easily believe the accreditation of Stephanie Johnson.

Fake certificates

Fake Claims

Searching for money online you will find thousands of this kind of fake claims on landing pages.

Fake landing pages

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! For whom? The advertiser I presume!

12 Weeks – 2.79 Million

Why did this person not made the front pages of all newspapers worldwide?

The most honest taxpayers

Who knows the real truth?

You have to be very careful online before you give your credit card data! Don’t believe everything what they proclaim to be. You can fake almost everything online. You can fake pictures and profiles. You can fake receipts and certificates. You can fake earnings and websites! No problem at all. The internet is full of opportunities for criminals to get your money!


1. Don’t give your credit card data!

Be 200% sure of your case before you give that to anyone on the internet!

2. Don’t you ever give your 06-12345678 number to compete for a prize!

Before you know it, they get rich over hundreds of SMS messages send to you.

3. Don’t give any bank account data pin codes or passwords !

No self-respected bank or official company would ask you to enter any of this detailed info to them.


I hope this article will help you to separate the wheat from the chaff.


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2 thoughts on “Proven Online Money Making Systems

  1. Hey Loes

    Thanks very much for such a detailed and awesome post about fake certificates, fake claims and revenue. 🙂

    Many people loves to shop online because they can find whatever they need and yet they can avoid traffic and can even get great discounts on a Black Friday Deal. 🙂

    And nowadays scam websites are everywhere on the internet and if you are not careful, you can be an easy prey victim to it, and so it makes a lot of sense to to be extra careful.

    Also, when someone is looking for a proven online money making systems, they need to be very cautious not to fall prey to these online scam companies or individuals. Come to think of it. I wonder why these companies like to scam innocent people, don’t they have conscience at all?

    And Loes, I just love your 3 great tips on how to avoid being scammed online, it is simply awesome, especially not to give our credit card data!!

    Thanks so much for yr kind advice and wonderful post. I just love yr site and will visit again!! This post on “The truth behind the revenue models online” is simply fantastic!!

    Jewel Carol

    1. How nice of you, Jewel, thank you! I think a lot of people are facing the truth of being tricked out of their money. Have you read my post about Scams Online 2016 too? I have gathered there a lot of reviews about money scams, a must read recommendation:) I wish you safe surfings around the www, Kind regards, Loes

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