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Recognize Good Business Websites

Good business websites

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The word ‘good’ is of course rather vague and subjective. Nevertheless, I will try to give you some sort of definition or requirement list for a good business website.

A business site is good when:

  • The visitor sees immediately where the site is about
  • The visitor finds very quickly what he is looking for
  • The visitor is tempted to do something. E.g, call, email or buy something

Furthermore, your site should, of course, be trustworthy.

Who are you?

It’s very important that you have an about me or an about your company page. People do like to know who is behind the business you are promoting. Who you are and in which country you live. The internet is a worldwide organization and therefore, this information is crucial succeeding with your online business.

good business websites

Where is your website about?

good business website exampleAt first entry, it must be perfectly clear where your website is about. What can your visitors expect?

  • Can they search your website easily?
  • Is it clear right away?
  • What do you promote?
  • Do you have a slogan?
  • Do you have a logo?

My slogan and logo here say:

YES, Your Free Siterubix Website!



Does your website look trustful?

These are all signs of a badly designed website:

  • Is the website outdated?
  • Is the website filled with advertising banners?
  • Do the visitors get bombed by popups?
  • Do they have loud red flashing ads?
  • Does the title not fit to the article? (We call that “clickbait” titles)

Good business websites

  • The images on your website are balanced.
  • Your banners are comfortable.
  • Your information is up-to-date
  • You have testimonials on your website ( mine are in the footer of this page)

business testimonials examples

Can you find quickly what you are looking for?

  • Are there recent posts in the sidebar?
  • Are there categories?
  • Is there a search box?

Do you understand why people came to your website?

  • Are they here to inform themselves about the possibilities?
  • Are they here to buy something?

Call to action

If you have a business website, you do not just want visitors to come, you like it when they contact you or order something from you. For this, you must seduce your visitor and turn it on to action. So you must have a call to action on every page.

  • Do you call your visitor to action?
  • Is it clear to your visitors what to do?
  • Can they click a “Start here” or a “Create your account today”

Contact and privacy information

It’s important that you can contact the owner or the company.

  • Is there an email address or a phone number?
  • Is there a way to contact the owner?
  • Can you see in which country the company is located?
  • When it’s a physical company, is there a road map?
  • How do they think about your privacy?
  • Is there a privacy policy attached?

Good business websites start here

With a website of your own, you take the helm. Without stress and with the help of a global community, you can start your own good business website. I feel some questions rise…

  • What to put on a website?
  • I don’t know anything about managing a website.
  • I don’t know how to put text and images on a website.

With our websites, you escape the hassle. We take the responsibility to secure and to backup your website. It’s all included. Also the 24/7 technical support! Together with fantastic WordPress themes, we teach you how to design very good looking, cost-effective, business websites.

We teach you what you need to know

  • How to score great on Google.
  • Every technical aspect to maintain your website.
  • Explanation about how the WordPress back office works.

Of course, you can hire a good website development agency to design your business website, and you probably have to pay this buro a couple of thousand dollars for it. At our place, you pay $49/mth or an annual fee of $359 all included!

Faq of the Wealthy Affiliate University

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