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Do you have a local website, or do you plan to have your own website? When you have a current running local business, you know exactly how to promote your local business. You put a board on the sidewalk. You flyer along doors. You print advertisements in the local newspaper. Share your business card everywhere. But how does this work for advertising a website? Do you need to hire a search engine optimization expert?

What are the costs to hire a search engine optimization expert?

Most contract projects ranged between $1,000 and $7,500 (according to
A good SEO service will be worth its money. But it’s hard to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Where to think of when you hire a search engine optimization expert.

When you are determined to hire a search engine optimization expert, there are a few things you should ask before you sign a contract.

  1. Do you have a portfolio or testimonials from previous clients?
  2. Are you optimizing my website for Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines?
  3. Do you send me monthly reports about my rankings?
  4. Can you guaranty my website will be ranking on the 1# page of Google, Bing, and Yahoo?
  5. Are you specialized in local searches too?
  6. How often will we have contact about the growth of my traffic?
  7. What are your terms and fees?
  8. What will happen when our ways split?

These are very important questions you should ask to the SEO expert service.

What are the cost of an online education to learn all about SEO yourself?

The cost of the Wealthy Affiliate University online SEO education is an annual fee of $359, all in.

Click here for our price chart.

What is included in the Wealthy Affiliate Course?
  • A fully functional website builder.
  • Free websites and hosting.
  • A free domain name.
  • 50 lessons – in 5 modules to get started (video).
  • 50 lessons – in 5 modules – Bootcamp.
  • 24/7 website support team.
  • A social community – helpful and supportive.
  • Live chat, for immediate help.
  • A professional keyword search tool (unlimited searches)
  • An affiliate program
  • and more quite nice details
What do your learn at the Wealthy Affiliate University?
  • How to set up your website, menus, widgets, and plugins.
  • How to sign up for Google and Bing Webmaster Tools. Yahoo is attached to Bing.
  • How to apply for affiliate programs.
  • How to advertise your business online.
  • How to write product reviews.
  • Advertising using Social Media.
  • and much more…
All in business SEO tutorials

Our tutorials are sophisticated and refined set at today’s online business. When you have gone through all tutorials, you have become a search engine optimization expert yourself. Did you find this website during a Google, Bing or Yahoo search? Then it works!

Take advantage of our 7-day free premium trial period

Honestly, I do think you can spare a lot of money and have a lot of fun instead!

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