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Secure Server Web Hosting Service

Secure server web hosting service

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secure server web hosting serviceWhen you have a website running, or you want to start-up a website, it is of great importance that you find the most secure server for web hosting service.

It’s obvious that my no #1 hosting company is The Wealthy Affiliate University. It’s an all in service for hosting, a website builder and domain name registration, inclusive training, and coaching.

Here are 10 points listed where to look for when you decide to start a website.

Where to look for when you want to start a website?

  1. Are there up-sells?
  2. Is WHOIS protection/privacy included?
  3. Is your domain secured?
  4. Do they use Advanced DNS automation?
  5. How is the management arranged?
  6. What is the renewal price?
  7. Are email addresses included?
  8. Is there a Flat Rate Guarantee?
  9. How many domain names can you host?
  10. Do they have an automatically website backup system?

1. Are there upsells

What is included in the price? Are there any surprises when you have purchased a domain name and hosting?

2. Is WHOIS protection/privacy included?

The cost for the Whois protection is about $3,95, not a lot, but it comes on top of your domain purchase.

What is Whois protection?

When you register a domain, you risk exposing your name, address, email and phone number to spammers, marketing companies, and online fraudsters. WhoisGuard was designed to protect domain owners.

3. Is your domain secured?

does the system of your provider use a domain security policy? Are they following security protocols for their network, including password protocols, access levels etc?

4. Do they use Advanced DNS automation?

Defense software against volumetric attacks, exploits, DNS hijacking. You don’t want to run the risk your website will become a victim of hackers.

5. How is the management arranged?

Is it easy to get in contact with website support? Are they easy to contact for administration troubles? Do they have the opportunity to live chat?

6. What is the renewal price?

Is the price flexible? What are the payment possibilities? Be aware, that when you have given your credit card data, that they can renew anytime!

7. Are email addresses included?

Is webmail included? And how many extra email addresses are included? Or do you have to pay extra?

8. Is there a Flat Rate Guarantee?

What do you have to pay next year? What is the policy of the hosting company?

9. How many domain names can you host?

The amount of domain names you can host can vary from 1 – 50 for the same price.

10. Do they have an automatically website backup system?

Do they backup your website, and when they do how often?

Comparison: Secure Server Web Hosting Service

Secure Server Web Hosting Service

Comparison: Registrators Domain Name


Web hosting can be offered to you with sub domain names. When you want to purchase your own domain name there will be extra costs.

I hope I’ve given you a good idea of what is possible in this area. It is wise to compare all the information before you start a website. The additional costs can become higher than expected.

The advantages of secure server web hosting service

Advantages of investing in a secure server web hosting service are plenty. The most obvious and important are the daily backups of your website. A secure server  has all information stored on an external backup drive can be restored in case the original data is lost or compromised through a hacker attack. Not only this, but also a firewall is placed on your site, and your website will be protected by the server.

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