Siterubix Powerful Website Platform

Siterubix Powerful Website Platform

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Your first website! Let it be a good one! The best website templates you can find are the ones from WordPress. The combi of  Wordpress and the Siterubix powerful website platform is a unique opportunity to create your first website. Siterubix is the hosting platform from the Wealthy Affiliate Univesity.

Besides that this platform is quite unique, it has one of the best security systems ever. So your newborn website will be fully protected from the first day off.

Take a look at this blog from Carson Lim, co-owner of the Wealthy Affiliate platform. Click here to access this blog about SSL security for everyone. When you are looking for the safest and ad free space on the internet to start your own business adventure, you have just found it!

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You are 5 minutes away from building your own website.

There is no coding involved. Every coding will be done by our ingenious program. We don’t like hackers, so we have the most advanced security tools included at your services. Building a secure website has never been so easy. You don’t have to worry about any technical stuff.

4 steps to build your website

Step 1

Choose between a free subdomain or You can always transfer a sub domain name to your owned domain name anytime.

Step 2

Give your website a name. Any name will do to start out and try things out. When you are further into the program and lessons, you can easily delete your try-out-website and start your serious business.

Step 3

Choose the theme you like most. For a free member you can choose from 6 themes, but when you are ready to take up your business for real and become a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, there will be thousands of themes you can choose from.

Step 4

Most easy one, click the button “build my website!” Exciting! Your first website is in progress and within a few minutes, you’ll be the owner of a little piece of the internet complete with your own address!

Check here for an available free domain name.

Siterubix Powerful Website Platform

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Take a little peek inside, you can visit my personal space at the Wealthy Affiliate University!

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