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Start Your Own Business As A Teenager

Start your own business as a teenager

Start your own business as a teenagerLoes Knetsch ©

You’re young and you want something. Your future is bright, but not always as clear as you want. Your dreams do not exactly fit the reality. You have done your first internship. How was it like? Did the money sound good? Did you love working for a boss? Or did he boss you around?

Would you like to become your own boss?

Have you ever considered to become your own boss? I guess you have thought of that because you are smart. It’s just the “WHAT” can I do? And “WHERE” can I begin? The Wealthy Affiliate University is an open education resource, accessible to everyone, and for any budget. As a free member ($0.00 ), you get 2 websites with a domain name and free hosting. (*Louise and *PJ are free members) Read more about this education here.

Do you love skateboarding?Guitar player

Or biking, or dogs, or horses, or nail care, or guitar playing, or……….
Did you know, there are lots of others nearby and across the ocean, who love those things too? And who will buy attributes for their hobbies using the internet? Your peers buy most things online. The amount of online sales is growing rapidly!

What has that got to do with me?

What would you say, when you get some money from every sale you have promoted. On Social Media or, when you are super smart, on your own website. With Social Media, you reach out to your followers, with a website you reach out to the whole world.  Today, more than 3 billion people have access to the Internet worldwide. You certainly do not reach that many people on Social Media.

Have you ever thought of a “money make website?”


A website, where you promote stuff you like, and when someone buys something, you get paid?

Eg. You like snowboarding, you can talk about it all day, about the board, the best slopes, the wax etc. You really know all about it.
Why not put it out there on a website, partner up with a merchant in snowboards, and get paid when you sell something via your website.

Find your perfect snowboard here!

The websites of teenagers and young adults.

Teenagers and young adults who are learning all about affiliate marketing and website development at Wealthy Affiliate. Some have just started and the websites are being developed. Some have a free account and some are Premium members. Click on the banners to visit their websites!

(Free member) PJ’s creations!

Teenager PJ

Money made easy! of Jesse


My compliments Antonio, great website!


Way to go Louise! (Free member)

(and my daughter)


Collin has a goal of becoming a millionaire by the time he is 24


John: I really hope that each one of you guys make their dreams come true!



When I am not working on my websites I like to: Make Videos (Gaming); Playing Football (European); Watch TV programs (Netflix); Spend time with my best friends;  Being lazy (The best hobby I think)


Start your own business as a teenager

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