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The Best Online Business Starts With a Website

The best business online starts with a website

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I am not going to give you a list of the best online businesses to start, but the best way to begin any business online is to make your own website. You simply can not succeed online without a website. You can create the best online business ever with the right education.

Wealthy Affiliate isn’t a simple online platform: It is a mix of an online education, a social media network, an opportunity to blog, access to a big technical platform that supports your online business, a huge knowledge source, and a community of positive minded people for motivation and your ladder to success.

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Your free

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Are you serious about an online business? Then start your education today!

Join Wealthy Affiliate

Ready to begin your journey?Ready to begin your journey

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We offer you a 7-day free trial period to see what you get!

Your personal profile on Wealthy Affiliate.

Slide 3Your personal profile on Wealthy Affiliate

Every membership starts with a profile. You get the chance to upload photos and write a bit about yourself, so other members will get to know you a bit. From the profile page, you can access all features. You can i.a. ask questions, access your own blog space, go to the tutorials you like to follow, and go to the activity dashboard.

Activity Dashboard.

Slide 4Wealthy Affiliate has a lively community
Wealthy Affiliate has a lively community.

The activity dashboard has 4 tabs on top.
You can select what activity you want to see, from your referrals only, unanswered questions, from followers or the whole community.
The 13 classrooms contain a world of knowledge and you can visit them 24/7/365.
Top 10
We run a daily Top 10, the most popular posts and training will be displayed on the Top 10.
You can follow all notifications of reactions on your blog or comments.

The Getting Started button.The Getting Started button

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The light green button on the top left brings you to the Getting Started tutorials, and it will remember where you stopped, to begin again where you left of the next time. It is a course with tasks, which will bring you each day a little closer to your goal.

The website management area.The website management area

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At this area, you can manage your website(s). Build new websites. You can buy your own domain name. The 24/7 website support is always to reach here. Also, website feedback and comments can be asked for.

The website builder.The website builder of Wealthy Affiliate

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In 4 steps you can build a fully functional website at our website builder. No knowledge of coding required. For adjusting and writing your blogs, the coding is also done by the builder at the background. We can not make it easier to develop a website nowadays.

Domain registration at Wealthy Affiliate.Domain registration at Wealthy Affiliate

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At Wealthy Affiliate, you get an All in One Business opportunity. Besides the education, you get community support, security and you can buy your own domain name.

Keyword research tool.Keyword research tool

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For premium members, Wealthy Affiliate offers an unlimited to use the keyword tool. To find the right keywords for your articles is very important. At last, you want the search engines to find your website.

Ambassador ranking systemWealthy Affiliate Ambassador Ranking System

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The Wealthy Affiliate University has an intern ranking system. The more active you are on the forum, the higher you will rank. My rank is this moment #3, right behind the founders of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim. There are 25 Ambassador positions to fill up.

Start your blog today!

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Start your blog today
Start blogging today, on your website and on Wealthy Affiliate.
Join Wealthy Affiliate


It has never been so easy!

You are seconds away from your own online business. Action is the foundational key to all success. Pablo Picasso


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Loes Knetsch, affiliate marketer, website developer, trainer, coach, ambassador of the Wealthy Affiliate University.

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