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The Wealthy Affiliate Reward System

the wealthy affiliate reward system

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Whether you are a free member or a premium (paid for) member you can earn money with advertising the Wealthy Affiliate University. The Wealthy Affiliate reward system is one of the best-paid affiliate systems worldwide. As a member for almost 2 years now, I will share this inside information with you.


What is Wealthy Affiliate?

The Wealthy Affiliate University is an open education resource, where you can learn all you need to know to start an online business. The training on Wealthy Affiliate is completely adapted to today’s standards for setting up your own online business.

The Wealthy Affiliate reward system.

The reward system is based on teaching each other the ropes of affiliate marketing. When you are starting  out, as a newbie, at our University, you will be helped and advised by many members. The longer you are studying, the more you can help others too. Every new member, who is coming to our University through your advertisement,  and paying for the education, will become your referral.

How much does the referral system pay you?

As you can see, you get paid as a free starter member also, for every person who joins The Wealthy Affiliate University through your actions. It’s only less than what you get paid as a premium member.

What does this online education cost?

The Wealthy Affiliate University is for everyone affordable. The Starter membership cost $0.00. The annual membership to this education is $359 (all in, no upsells). You earn $175 per new member. So with only 2 people following your footsteps, you have your tuition fees already paid for. The starter membership is free forever, but you will not have full access to the whole system. Click here to see our comparison chart between a premium and a starter membership.

What is the best choice for you?

Take a look inside. We give you a 7-day free ride. With 20 free to follow lessons and full access to all features available at our school. In these 7 days, you can decide for yourself if it’s worth staying.

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