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Top Trends In Online Marketing 2016

Top trends in online marketing

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Top trends in online marketing
Ways how to promote your business

What is trending in 2016? I have searched the internet for the Top Trends In Online Marketing 2016. And surprisingly, it doesn’t differ that much since 2015, only the urge is higher.

I created the following list of 5 Top Trends.  The list is in random order.

1. Present on the web – any business

It’s of great importance that you have a website, next to your offline sales location. More and more business owners see that as a must in 2016. They see that their customers are buying often online. So, when you want to make any profit nowadays, it is most urgent to open a webshop next to your physical shop.

2. E-commerce – buying online

E-commerce is exploding, it will double the next couple of years. And a lot of online shops are giving their customers the easy option to shop from the couch. You can fill in what time you like them to deliver your purchase, and how you want to pay. Bank. Paypal. Ideal. Credit cards are accepted. Even cash to the postman is an option.

e-commerce sales chart worldwide

3. Use of smartphones & tablets

They have become indispensable. the mobile devices. When you are starting a web shop/ website, you definitely have to think about the mobile friendliness. That is of utmost importance! Your customers will leave at once when the menus are not working correctly on their GSM. Or when it’s impossible to purchase stuff. Be sure your internet presence is responsive!

4. App fever

Immerse yourself in handy apps for your business. Or hire a company to make an app for you. It started out with apps for the I-phone back in 2007. Apps are little programs that make everything easier for your customers. When you want to outsmart your competitors, you should think about this very carefully.

5. Cooking – old school?

Do you have a restaurant, a snack bar, or an eatcafé? And you do not deliver via the internet yet? Or reservation possibilities using an app? If you are not hurrying up, you are going to miss the boat! The trend is to order food! Fully prepped meals. To make online quick and easy reservations.

These 5 Top Trends In Online Marketing 2016

can have major consequences for you!

When you, as an offline business owner, miss out on these 5 trends, you can face heavy times in the future.

  1. If you don’t have a website, make one.
  2. If you have a website, make it responsive
  3. If your competitor is using apps, get your own apps too
  4. Be sure your payment options are multiple and easy.
  5. Get your ass out here on the internet! (I am not a person who uses strong language normally, but please, you really need to take action now!)

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