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Ways How To Promote Your Business

Ways how to promote your business

Create your own website the better way

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Ways for offline and online promotions of your business or website. When you’ve started an offline business, you need to find your clients. This is the same as when you’ve started an online business. Your website needs to be found by traffic/ visitors. We all use Social Media sites, but what can you use more for promoting your online business. Here are some creative ways how to promote your business.



Ways How To Promote Your Business

1. Open A Youtube Channel 

Create your own videos, and add annotations. A subscribe button and spotlight. Click here to view my Youtube training on my other website and to learn more about the opportunities YouTube has to offer.




2. Leave Quality Comments

Leave them on TOP websites and tickle them to see what you have to offer. You can almost always leave your website URL on the form. Don’t leave your URL in the comment itself. That will be seen as spam.

3. Use Videos Which Go Viral

How? Just look for videos in your niche which are attracting lots of visitors. Use the keyword/video title, and name your next blog after it. You can also embed that video on your blog.

4. Surprise Your Social Media Friends With Presents.

That can be anything. You can give an ebook, or share a PDF with tips and tricks. You can even write out some contest, and every 100th or 1000th who shares your article gets a real present from you, sent by ordinary mail.

5. Find Free Advertising Programs

Addme is a free program that will submit your website to multiple search engines.

Ways How To Promote Your Business

This link will be displayed on your website Search Engine Submission – AddMe

Make use of Hootlet and Buffer.

6. Offline Advertising

Use the newspaper tiny ads. Stick/paint your website address on your car.

7. Creative Offline Advertising

You can think of flyers or business cards. You can leave them everywhere. In restaurants, waiting rooms, at bus stops and in library books. Leave a flyer in your shopping cart. In the pocket of your coat, you’re just about to bring to the second-hand shop. Think creative!

You will never know where your card ends up.

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