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Wealthy Affiliate Money Making Program

Wealthy Affiliate Money Making Program

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On another page of this website, you find it here, I have written a review about the Wealthy Affiliate University. Today I want to give you a view inside. And explain all the features, Kyle and Carson, the owners of The Wealthy Affiliate University, are offering to all premium members. I am aware of the positive and the negative reviews online about Wealthy Affiliate. I see the Wealthy Affiliate scam reviews too. And the questions whether Wealthy Affiliate is legit or not. I am in July 2017 for 3 years a member already, so I believe I am qualified to give you a thorough report.

When you are interested in making money with a website, you might also be interested in learning more about the Wealthy Affiliate University.

This is my Wealthy Affiliate Walkthrough for premium members

  1. The Certification course of Wealthy Affiliate
  2. The Bootcamp lessons of Wealthy Affiliate
  3. The hosting program
  4. Google indexed blog
  5. Site protection
  6. Site speed engagement
  7. Free SSL for everyone
  8. Website manager
  9. Be a trainer
  10. Beta program for site speed
  11. Keyword research tool
  12. The  Wealthy Affiliate affiliate program

1. The Certification Course of Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate Certification Course

The Certification course has 5 modules of 10 lessons. The first 10 lessons are free for everybody, the other 40 lessons are exclusive for premium members.

The first module – 10 lessons – will help you to set up a fully working website. Suitable for the hobbyist.  The following modules are specialized in monetizing and advertising your website. The certification course is specialized to monetize any niche website.

Certification course lessons Wealthy Affiliate

2. The Bootcamp lessons of Wealthy Affiliate

The Bootcamp lessons are specially developed for promoting Wealthy Affiliate, which has a sublime affiliate program of its own. With 3 paying premium members you are out of the cost yourself. And it’s quite easy to find 3 new members for this terrific education program. There are now 800.000 + members, so the whole world lies at your feet. The first phase of 10 lessons is free to follow for everybody. The Bootcamp contains 7 phases.

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp lesson 1

3. The hosting program

Wealthy Affiliate has its own hosting program, Siterubix. For free members, it’s without cost to host 2 Siterubix subdomains. In the premium price is included 25 Siterubix subdomains and 25 owned domain names. Click here to see the price card.

4. Google indexed Blog

The blog space provided to every premium member is already Google indexed. That makes it much easier to score the No. #1 page of Google directly and reach out to the online public. Of course, blogging on your website will have your priority, because there it has to happen. Therefore, you are allowed to write 1 blog a day in the first 3 months of your premium membership, your focus has to be on your foundation. After 3 months you can use the blog space of Wealthy Affiliate, according to the rules, 3 times a day.

Click here to visit a blog article of me.

5. Site protection

Wealthy Affiliate offers you a very secure environment, where other hosting platforms require security plugins, Wealthy Affiliate is providing a complete security package and website back-ups. You can focus all your attention on building your website. No worries about security issues.

Site protection program of Wealthy Affiliate

6. Site speed engagement

Communicating with other members has never been easier. You click on the profile picture and you can send a message right away! And on every profile, you find a private messaging button, to send each other in private a message. And just as on Facebook, you all well known, you can follow each other mutually at Wealthy Affiliate too.

Wealthy Affiliate Money Making Program

Besides the opportunity to message other members, you can also use the live chat. A very popular media at Wealthy Affiliate. And very handy when you are stuck and need an answer on the spot.

7. Free SSL for everyone

Google loves SSL secured websites, and Kyle and Carson have decided to offer this amazing feature for free to all premium owned domain websites. A feature you pay easily $90 for at other hosting companies, is at the Siterubix hosting platform included.

This website,, is a subdomain, my 3 owned domain names are all 3 hosted at the Siterubixplatform of Wealthy Affiliate and they are green padlock secured.

SSL secured websites siterubix hosting

You can make this decision yourself, if you want the free SSL green padlock on your website or not.

Site SSL green padlock free

8. Website manager

I will go through the website manager step by step.

Site manager of Wealthy Affiliate

  1. Site manager
    Here you access your website, and you can monitor everything around it.
    This website is 1 year and 3 months old. Monitoring is all green, that’s good! The website is Google indexed. Has the latest WordPress Version. This website has 20 pages and 87 posts. All comments are approved and answered. From the website manager, you can log in directly to your WordPress website. It has an automatically provided secure password, which can be reset daily if you want. And Yes, my website health needs work 🙁 I know. Doing it right now :). This website is backed up and updated.
  2. Website building
    It has never been so easy to publish a website. Here is a blog about this written by the co-owner of Wealthy Affiliate, Carson Lim. Read more…
  3. Site domains
    Wealthy Affiliate is all in. Hosting, websites, security, webmail, tech support, and buying domain names.
    Disadvantage: You have to move your website when you leave Wealthy Affiliate.Buy Domain names at Wealthy Affiliate
  4. Site content
    Monitoring your writing, setting goals and staying motivated! With the new Site Content feature, it’s going to be a piece of cake!
    Great Content Starts With A Powerful Writing Platform!
  5. Site comments
    The Site Comment Feature provides you the opportunity to ask for comments on your website, and the members of Wealthy Affiliate will be happy to help you grow your website and put your website on the Google map!
  6. Site Feedback
    As a starter, it’s alway nice to get feedback about your website, about the layout, the colors, the menu etc. and that’s possible at Wealthy Affiliate. Long term members, but also starting members and Ambassadors are holding your back. You are not alone in this adventure.
  7. Site support
    The best there is! Period! 24/7/365 at your service!

9. Be a trainer

Everyone has his/her own specialties. So, Wealthy Affiliate offers every premium member after 3 months of membership the opportunity to engage with the program and write training to share with the community. You get paid for this effort.

Of course, you can not create any training, it has to do something with websites, development, or advertising etc. The training will be checked and approved by Kyle and Carson.

Here is my prove about the recurring income you can receive with writing tutorials. This is only from 2 tutorial courses I wrote, I have 89 written tutorials and they are available for you at the Wealthy Affiliate library. Those member tutorials are free to access when you decide to join.

Revenue from Wealthy Affiliate training sales


10. Beta program for site speed

Wealthy Affiliate is constantly improving the platform for us. We get monthly surprises from the team of upgrades. So, I don’t withhold this upgrade from you. Auto site speed. It’s so important that your website has speed. And that’s picked up by the Wealthy Affiliate team. The feature is a fact!

Site speed program of Wealthy Affiliate

Again, you get the choice to activate this on your website or not.

Read more about this incredibly advanced program!

11. The keyword research tool

When you know a bit about ranking on the Internet, you also know the importance of a good keyword research tool. Wealthy Affiliate has one of the best keyword research tools and you can use it unlimited as a premium member.

12. The Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate program

A picture says more than 1000 words!

The best affiliate training in the world

Conclusion Wealthy Affiliate Money Making Program

Wealthy Affiliate stars

* Website speed function is in the test phase and not yet recommended for stars.

* Domain name service only available for premium members.

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