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Website Design Packages

Website design packages

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Do you want your own website? For your club, family, hobby, passion or your own business? It’s really not so difficult as it was ten years ago, did you know that? Thanks to WYSIWYG software (What you see is what you get), you do not need to have HTML knowledge to craft a beautiful and dynamic website together. Anyone can build a website nowadays.

Website design packagesYou can build a website using a software package as well as an online application. The differences between the programs and services are very high in some areas. I have mainly looked at the options, ease of use, the difficulty, the language, the manual, the number of ready-made templates and of course the price. And my No #1 recommendation is the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

Of course, there are many more programs and services to help you craft a decent website together. I have looked at a couple of different programs, as Wix and Weebly. One thing these tested programs and applications all have in common; Beginners can use ready-made templates.

Website packages with advertisements

When you choose the free options of Wix or Weebly, you get advertisements on your website. The free package of Wealthy Affiliate is free from ads.

Tips for creating a website

Do yo create a website for the first time? Then it is recommended to take into account some tips. The simplest way to make your first website is on the basis of a ready-made template. The design, hyperlinks, buttons, fonts and other web tools are already installed. All you need to do is to adapt to your personal preferences. This prevents errors in your website. Would you still make your own adjustments? Try to keep your website in sophisticated colors, do not choose a cacophony of loud colors, illuminated buttons and an overdose of pop-ups. And take the time to optimise your website. Ready? Check that everything is working properly before you throw anything online. Visitors do not like to return to websites that are full of bugs.

Domain name and hosting

Compare the different providers before you purchase web space. In most cases, you pay an annual rent for web space. Some providers give you a free subdomain name when you purchase web space. A subdomain name contains the name of the hosting platform. An own purchased domain name – in the form of – also rents annually. Again, you should compare prices and offers.

Our Website Design Packages

 “Create your first website in 4 steps”

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