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What Is A Keyword Phrase And Why Is It Important

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You’ve got to think as a Google searcher to understand why keyword phrases are more important than a single keyword.

love and roseLet’s give you an example. You are searching the web for information. How do you do that? You want to know a specific thing about roses. When you type in the single word “roses” you probably will not be led to the info you are searching. So, as a searcher, you will probably type a specific phrase like “copyright free image rose” and you will be led to multiple copyright free stock photo websites. Which will show you their stock.

3 Keyword Phrase Secrets You Never Knew

1. Place quotation marks

when you place quotation marks with you search phrase like this: “copyright free image rose”, you will get as first results the websites which use this exact keyword phrase. 1 result (0,74 seconds)

2. Place comma’s

When you place comma’s between the words like this: copyright, free, image, love, rose, you will get all results from every keyword separately. About 254.000.000 results (0,98 seconds)

what is a keyword phrase3. How many keywords is best.

The success rate of a 4-keyword phrase is the best option.
The score is 37%.
The chances your post will be found using a 4-keyword phrase is 30% higher than when you use just one keyword.

When you write your next post, you should consider using about 3 or 4 keywords as a phrase.

For finding attractive phrases there are 3 methods.



Your Key (word) To Success: Attractive Keyword Phrases

1. Use the Alphabet soup technique.

You perform the alphabet soup technique in Google search. Start with one word, then two words and go through the whole alphabet and see what Google is suggesting.

What is a keyword phrase

2. Use this terrific slogan generator.

Fill in one keyword and look what this generator is suggesting for phrases.

Click here for the best online title generator. Check the suggested keyword phrase in a keyword research tool on searches, traffic and competitors.

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool3. Use the best keyword research tool ever.

You have a head start on your competitors to success, when you use Jaaxy, the best keyword research tool ever.

Jaaxy is more than just a keyword tool, find it out for yourself, try 30 keyword searches at Jaaxy for free and find out what else Jaaxy has to offer! Read more….

Add TagsTags are extra leads

Tags are extra leads for Google to know what your blog is about.

Try to use appropriate low hanging fruit phrases. Low hanging fruit = Easily obtained gains. In the world of keyword research, it means that your aims are set on a few definite visitors, instead of lots of uncertain visitors.

Your post can also be found by the tags you use.

Don’t try to fool Google, always use tags which are mentioned in your post too.



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