What Is An Internet Marketing Course?

What is an Internet Marketing Course

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Perhaps you like to know first if an internet marketing course is achievable for you? Which skills do you need to complete a course like that successful? Of course, that depends on the course you want to follow. Some will ask a prior education, and some will not have that requirement. I will explain to you what an internet marketing course can be and what it can mean for your future. I will refer to the course that we are teaching.

Who developed this internet marketing course & what are the ratings?

Developers: Kyle Loudoun & Carson Lim
Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Price: $0 – starter membership
Overall Rank: star ratings 98 out of 100
Education: World’s no. #1
Support: Technical & Community Support

What do you need?What Is An Internet Marketing Course

Prior education: NO
Investment in products: NO
Perseverance: YES
Motivation: YES
Niche expertise: Preferably
Website: We create yours together/ included in the course

*Niche: A niche is a group of people interested in the same subject. 

1. Prior education

Our step-by-step training will lead you and take you by the hand from A-Z. How to set up a website and how to build and maintain one. The education is suitable for everyone. I believe our youngest student is 10 and the oldest over 90.

2. Investments in products

Our internet marketing training covers the segment “Affiliate Marketing”. You do not need to buy any product. We teach you how to get affiliated with companies, and how to advertise THEIR products. The price of our course is all-in. You will not get any surprise payments. No upsells. Not extra books. All-in!

3. Perseverance

It doesn’t come with the wind, you have to learn and to work. This training is based on long-term success. To get there takes time and perseverance.

4. Motivation

Enjoy learning new stuff. Enthusiasm to talk about your niche.

5. Niche expertise

When you choose to write about a subject, it’s nice if you know a lot of it. And that you can write about it with love. People tend to feel if you are in for the money or in for helping and advising the best way you can.

6. Website

Included in this course are multiple websites, hosting, security, website backup, training, 24/7 support, 1 on 1 questions/answers from the owners and community, live chat and much more.

What do you learn?

4 steps to build your website
4 steps to build your website
  1. How to build a website
  2. What is a niche
  3. How to monetize your website and make money
  4. About Google and Bing webmaster tool
  5. About Google and Bing analytics
  6. How to advertise
  7. Achieving maximum success by content creating
  8. and much more…



What sort of work will you be doing?

When you join Wealthy Affiliate, you will have 2 options.

  1. You follow your passion; create a website together with you to display and monetize your passion; if you do not have a passion
  2. We help you through our Bootcamp training with a predefined topic, from where you build your business upon

After you have taken the first steps and you have created your first website, we will lead you step-by-step through our course. And we will teach you how to fill your website with content and how you can attract readers. And turn these readers into buyers.

It starts with a niche, and our education will turn you into an online specialist in any niche. There is no experience necessary to start your training and online business. We will be there with every step you take.

What is our pricing?

Free account: $0 (Join here)
Monthly membership: $49/ $359 per year (Join here)

1. Free account

You need to educate yourself, you get 2 free websites, free hosting, and 20 free basic lessons. And access to multiple member training. But you can not communicate with the forum/community.

2. Monthly membership vs. 3. annual membership

Those are exactly the same apart from the price. You get full access to all features, but when you choose to stay on for a year, you get a discount of $205.

Click here to see our comparison chart.

Our final bonus

Join the starter, it’s free! I invite you to join our wonderful community and see for yourself what our online university has to offer to you and how it will benefit you. It’s free to look around all features for 7 days. You can test and explore everything! Set-up your first website with our easy to use 4-step website builder. You can be sure of it, I will be in contact with you within 24 hours. During these 7 days, you will be able to ask me any question. We will ask you what you expect and tell us your dreams. Every option will be available to you; Stay as a free member; stay as a premium member or just leave. It’s all in your hands!

Wealthy Affiliate Chart

The overview scores the lowest because the Wealthy Affiliate interface is genius but can be very overwhelming.

How to claim your bonus?

When you have joined the $0 starter membership, you will be offered our bonus within a few days. Not only I will contact you, but Kyle, the co-owner of Wealthy Affiliate, will get in touch with you too. Grab this opportunity today, it’s totally free, we do not ask you any payment details.

Join Wealthy Affiliate, $0 starter membership here

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2 thoughts on “What Is An Internet Marketing Course?

  1. This is a great explanation of what to expect and gives readers the tools to decide whether or not internet marketing is right for them. Looks like a wonderful opportunity!

    1. It is the best thing ever happened to me, Cheryl. I was totally uneducated two years ago, and now, after following the course, I even can develop websites for companies. I am very pleased I have found Wealthy Affiliate. Kind regards, Loes

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