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What Is The Alexa Rank About?

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RankingHow does Alexa track traffic? How does Alexa work?

Alexa gets their numbers from the Alexa toolbar. And it will not surprise you that the top 20 positions of listed websites are going to Search engine sites and Social Media.

There are a lot of people who want to know what this Alexa rank is exactly about?

How do they get their data?


  1. Google.comWhat is Alexa rank about

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Surprisingly or not, the search engine of is on the 4th position, this is the Chinese version, similar to Google. Followed by Yahoo, Wikipedia, Amazon, and Twitter.

Go here to view the whole Top Alexa list (opens in a new tab)

What Is The Alexa Rank About?

What does Alexa ranking mean?

I found a very interesting article about the Alexa Ranking system, and how much worth you must give it. It is written by the Co-owner Kyle of Wealthy Affiliate (Click link to visit this website)

The article is investigating the reliability of the Alexa ranking and is displayed on the personal website of Kyle, Ways to avoid scams online, and is called: How does Alexa track traffic do they really have a grasp of your traffic.

Position 25-50 of the Alexa ranking list.

Again search engines, video sites, Social Media, and news site as divisions of CNN, and PayPal

Position 50-75 of the Alexa ranking list.

Network retail marketing sites are coming in, as Rakuten, Alibaba, and Aliexpress. The official website of Apple and Whatsapp. Some departments of the well-known search engine sites in particular countries. And a lot of porn sites do score very well in the Alexa ranking system.

Which sites can be of interest for a blogger?

My top 5 Alexa ranked websites in the top 200

Worth to explore! – current position 76 of the Alexa ranking list. When you go to, you can experience yourself if your profile as a blogger is known. – current position 103 on Alexa. Get paid to share your links on the Internet.

Dailymotion – current position 129 of the list. A video sharing program similar to Youtube and Vimeo. – current position 148 of the Alexa ranking list. Vice is the world beyond the front page, in all its absurdity: opinion, human interest, entertainment and culture for young people globally.

Slideshare – current position 152. Is part of Linkedin. Share what you know and love through presentations, infographics, documents.

Enjoy my Top 5 of the Alexa ranking list

I know my number #1 website, Wealthy Affiliate,  will never beat the search engines, news sites, and even the porn. But I strongly recommend you to take notice of this website as a blogger, or as someone who wants to become a blogger. It’s free to look around and decide if this site is going to become your No.#1 too.

Wealthy Affiliate is currently ranked in the Alexa list on 13,161I don’t care, Wealthy Affiliate is forever MY NUMBER #1

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