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What is the Deep Dark Web?

What is the Deep Dark Web

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The Internet is divided into 3 parts. The Public Internet as we know, the Deep web, and the Dark web. Let’s take a look at those 3 WorldWideWebs. What is the Internet and what is the Deep Dark web?

What is the Deep Dark Web


The Public Internet

The public Internet is known to us from Google, Yandex, Bing or Yahoo, and other search engines. 1.3 billiard people are using the public Internet daily. To shop, to connect on Social Media, to download programs, music, and movies, and of course, for their work. The public visible Internet is actually 1% – 5% of the total internet.

The Deep web

The Deep web is used by companies who work anonymously. Think of governments, military, scientists, the IRS, and banks. To access their databases you need authorization. 95% – 99% of the total Internet is called the deep web. The Deep web is also used for political purposes. Journalists can use this media to send messages out off censored countries without being traced down. Top secret documents can be shared on the Deep web too. This is the “legal” part of the Deep web.

Because of the anonymous opportunities of the Deep web, it also attracts a lot of activity from the criminal sector. The Deep web is therefore very popular to trade drugs, weapons and other illegal stuff. Special departments are working in this area to track down criminal activities. Because of the size of the Deepweb, it’s about 500x bigger than the public Internet, they have a hell of a job to find these illegal activities. Once in a while they track down a website and manage to take it down. One well-known website was the Silk Road.

The Silk Road

But before they could blink an eye, another similar website was back in business again. It’s mopping with the tap open.

TOR – The Onion Router

Tor onion router

There is no Google “Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on the Deep web. Many browsers of the Deep web can only be accessed through a program named TOR. TOR is focussed on anonymous communication. TOR works with an onion router, developed in 1995. You have to peel through many layers to find the identities of messages. Every website URL on the Deep web ends with .onion.


The Dark Web

The dark web is a small part of the Deep web. In the depth of the Dark web, terrible things happen. Here are the crypts and corridors were pedophiles and sex offenders are active. Research reports are claiming that 80% of the users of the Dark web are somehow engaged in child abuse. They can freely and anonymously trade pictures, porn movies, and sex toys.

Woodward TV:

What you need to know about the DEEP DARK WEB and why you should not go there

 You really don’t wanna go there!


The Shadow Web

The Shadow web is a part of the Dark Web. You have to pay someone crypto-money to get in there. The Shadow web is the darkest place on the Internet, in people’s minds, and on earth. Here do the most horrible things take place. This is the Sodom and Gomorra of the new age. Criminal minds are actually living their sick perverse life, and they are bringing their darkest fantasies to life. The shadow web is the satanic living hell.

Don’t use Windows when you still want to go there

The reason why you shouldn’t use Windows on the Deep web is that Windows is the most popular operating system on the Market. About 80%-85% of the computer users have Windows. And hackers are making special codes to intrude Window operating systems. And however, Windows is one of the best systems, it is also the most targeted one. You will become a target for the hackers on the Deepnet. And the hackers out there are really good specialists. You better use Linux or go via Android, because those operating systems are less popular by hackers. Windows is also more susceptible to tracking. When you are using Linux Tails, you’re pretty much better protected.

Currency on the Deep Web

Currency on the Deep Web Bitcoin

The most used currency used on the hidden web is called Bitcoin (BTC). Other cryptocurrencies are Litecoin (LTC),  Anoncoin (ANC), and ZeroCoin. ZeroCoin is related to ZeroCash, a project to add a layer on top of the Bitcoin protocol to mask transaction even more. You can not pay with dollars on the deep web.

Who are on the Deep, Dark, Shadow Web?

Why is the deep web invented, and who are surfing around there? When the Internet was invented, they released a little part of it to the public. The Deep web has always been there. The Deep web has no indexed content. And also no HTML content. The Deep web works with specific file formats, not readable for the search engines. It was originally used by governments, scientists, journalists and big companies for top secret files. Because of the anonymity, the Deep web became a very attractive environment for criminal activities. Within the Deep web, the Dark web and the Shadow web arose. And because of the enormous size, criminals imagine themselves relatively safe.

Darpa, the Institute of the United States Department of Defense

Darpa is responsible for the development of military technology, including the foundations for the Internet, GPS, and artificial intelligence. Darpa is working on a new search engine that can penetrate the dark webs of the deep web. They focus on the dark web, websites, and forums where criminal activities take place. Their goal is to make the invisible visible. There are special police departments who are trying to track down the criminals on the Dark-Shadow web. After a few months working on a case on the Dark-Shadow web, some agents end up with PTSS (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrom), from the vulgarity and obscenities they encounter there.

Stay at the safe side of the Internet

However, the safe side of the Internet has its hacks and scammers too. Entering the Deep web puts a target on your computer. And you really need some knowledge about security and risks before you enter the Deep web. When you do business on the public Internet, you still need to protect your computer and stay away from the shady websites. But it’s relatively safe when you compare it with the risk you meet on the Deep web.

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