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What Is The Fastest Way To Learn Internet Marketing?

What is the fastest way to learn Internet Marketing

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You can easily start a free website, no problem at all, but then? How do you fill in all the necessary stuff to make your website visible for search engines? At least, you want people to read your blog and click on your advertising banners. Some years ago, I started a homepage with my provider. It looked just like a website. Only I had no knowledge of how to market my homepage. No backstage options as well. So, after a year, I was my only visitor.

My first contact with Wealthy Affiliate

Then I came in contact with Wealthy Affiliate. My o my, what a difference that made! I could never imagine what I had to accomplish to make a good website foundation. After I signed up for the video course, which is in English, the world opened at my feet! I got my first real visitors, and growing!

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After 6 months

My first Wealthy Affiliate referrals came, magical! I started earning from my websites. The second referral. The third…. I can tell you my annual fee at the Wealthy Affiliate University is well provided for, and more… It works!

This is what you earn at the Wealthy Affiliate University from recurring referral fees


How much effort would it take to find 3 people willing to join our community?

What Is The Fastest Way To Learn Internet Marketing?

Join Wealthy Affiliate. Go through the 5 modules of, in total, 50 lessons. And start earning 🙂 When you have time to do a lesson a day, you have completed the course within 2 months. After that, you can start filling your website with more content and affiliated companies, and increase your income every day.

Definition affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one way for a company to sell its products. People are signing up for a partner program and create advertisements on their website. When somebody buys something via your advertisement, you get a commission. The customer doesn’t pay a penny more. You can do that 🙂

The growth of the online market

e-commerce sales chart worldwide
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This is in billions! It will double from 2014 to 2018!

The e-commerce sales worldwide will grow to 3,015,000,000,000!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get a piece of that pie?

Make from any niche a profitable (additional) income stream

Affiliate disclosure


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